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Mayor of German municipality addresses EU Energy Commissioner on the Covenant
Under the impulse of the [German Covenant of Mayors Club->] – which is to hold its [next meeting on 27 March in Freiburg->], the mayor of [Vaterstetten->], a municipality from the Bavaria region, addressed a letter to European Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger on issues related to the Covenant of Mayors. In view of a political congress both men attended on 6 January 2012, Vaterstetten’s Mayor Mr. Niedergesäß set out a host of recommendations in a written statement sent to Mr. Oettinger.

In this letter, the mayor emphasises the central role played by local authorities towards achieving ambitious and sustainable energy policy objectives at European and national levels. He stresses that stronger financial and legal frameworks are needed for the successful implementation of the Covenant of Mayors commitments. Likewise, the mayor adds that existing European funds should become more transparent and straightforward, with an easier application process especially for small municipalities. Mr. Niedergesäß concludes by calling for stronger cooperation and communication opportunities between EU institutions and local authorities.

The German Club was launched in October 2011 in the framework of the European project “NETCoM”, one of its objectives being to formulate recommendations for the implementation of the Covenant in Germany.

NET-COM – NETworking the Covenant of Mayors - is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme and aims at strengthening the uptake and implementation of the Covenant of Mayors initiative at national levels, notably through the creation of Covenant Clubs and promotion of creative networking strategies.

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