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Meeting the 2020 objective: Belgian city of Mouscron plans investments of €111 million
The Belgian city of Mouscron, home to 56,000 inhabitants, signed the Covenant of Mayors last year with the commitment to bring the issue of sustainable energy policy into its day-to-day activities. One year on, the city has adopted its Sustainable Energy Action Plan – the first of its kind in the Wallonia Region – with a planned investment of €111 million.

Mouscron has thus seven years left to meet its 2020 objective of reducing emissions by 121,000 tonnes through public and private investments.

To reach this objective, the €111 million foreseen will be allocated as follows :

  • Citizens home refurbishments : €40 million investment (representing 17% of the total planned CO2 emission reductions). Residents will be informed through awareness raisings events, the distribution of energy meters, etc.
  • Sustainable energy initiatives implemented by companies : €18.6 million, representing 34% of total expected reductions. The actions carried out by citizens and businesses will thus make up half of the planned CO2 reductions.
  • Wind power investments : €15.7 million (9,36% of expected reductions).
  • Cogeneration : € 12.6 million (23% of expected reductions).
  • Methanisation projects using biomass from agricultural and food waste : €9,4 million euros (3.37% of expected reductions).
  • Renovation of public service buildings (schools, nursing homes, etc.) : €5,6 million (5.02% of the total).
  • Work on municipal buildings : €4.9 million (2.16% ).
  • Street lighting : €2.4 million (0.33% of expected reductions). This project is ongoing.
  • The construction of cycle paths and parking : €2.3 million, of which €1.75 million in the form of a grant from the Walloon Region (0.33% reductions also).
  • Natural gas-powered buses : €489,000

For additional information, see this article published in French in the Belgian press.

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