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Monitoring report system to be available as of 2013
Local authorities signatory to the Covenant of Mayors have formally committed to {{reporting progress}} “{every two years after having submitted the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for evaluation, monitoring and verification purposes"}*.

This reporting exercise is to be facilitated by the completion of the SEAP monitoring template, a tool expected to guide signatories in measuring the progress of their action plan.

Although the European Commission understands the importance and value of having such monitoring framework and guidelines available in due time, it has been forced to postpone its finalisation and publication until 2013, in order to cope with the exponential rate of SEAP submission.

As a consequence, for local authorities that have submitted their action plan before 2011, the deadline for submitting the monitoring template will be extended to 2013. These signatories will be informed at least six months in advance.

To make sure the monitoring framework best responds to signatories’ needs, the Covenant of Mayors Office and European Commission’s Joint Research Centre are working hand in hand with local energy experts and experienced practitioners from cities. A comprehensive instruction document is under preparation and the reporting procedure will be facilitated by an online template similar to the one which is used as part of the SEAP submission process. Once available, this monitoring template should prove instrumental in helping local authorities showcase their key achievements in the implementation of sustainable energy policies.

The European Commission would like to highlight the fact that this postponement should not prevent local authorities from monitoring their results, both in terms of implemented measures and CO2 emission reductions. Signatories having already developed their own implementation report are invited to upload it via >>‘My Covenant’ (“My Action Plan” > “SEAP document” > “Add a document”) in order to publish it on their own >>online profile.

Likewise, the extranet also includes a space for monitoring emission inventories, which is to be found under “My Emission Inventories > “Add a new emission inventory”.

Last but not least, examples of innovative and replicable actions can always be published under the “Benchmarks of Excellence” section. This Benchmarks catalogue will soon be revamped in order to include more key figures in terms of energy saving, CO2 emissions reduction, job creation, etc.

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