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More visibility of actions through revamped Benchmarks of Excellence section
Thanks to the revamped Covenant of Mayors “Benchmarks of Excellence” system, signatories are now encouraged to highlight key on-going or implemented actions outlined in their Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

Up to 10 innovative and replicable measures/initiatives can now be selected as Benchmarks of Excellence by signatories from their SEAP template. Signatories are also invited to share the quantitative results of their actions through the new ‘Key Figures’ box. As an example, the City of Hannover has put this function to good use in its own benchmarks.

Covenant Coordinators and Supporters are also invited to leverage the Benchmarks of Excellence section to share examples of initiatives / practices implemented to help their associated signatories honour their commitments. The benchmark of the Province of Barcelona provides a good illustration of this.

The objective of this platform is to provide the Covenant Community with an occasion to share good practices and help fellow Covenant stakeholders to draw on each other’s experience and replicate similar initiatives within their own local/regional context.

The Benchmarks of Excellence system is to be leveraged to award outstanding achievements on the occasion of the next Covenant of Mayors Ceremony. More information on the ceremony and award scheme are to be communicated in the near future.

To learn more about how to submit a Benchmark of Excellence, click here.

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