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New CASCADE toolkit to help signatories improve their energy policies
The IEE funded project [CASCADE->] enabled 75 cities from 19 European countries, the majority Covenant signatories, to work together and make tangible improvements in their local sustainable energy policies.CASCADE ran a three-year European-wide peer-to-peer learning and networking programme (June 2011 - May 2013), bringing together more than 300 city experts, decision makers and local stakeholders. It tested four [peer-to-peer learning methods->]: peer review, mentoring, work shadowing and study visits.

CASCADE has published a toolkit to share the knowledge and experience acquired over its three-year peer-to-peer learning and networking programme. The CASCADE toolkit pulls together methods to share experience with other cities and good examples of local energy policy implementation. It aims to offer inspiration and guidance to city experts and decision makers and help them meet their local energy targets.

It consists of a library of peer-to-peer learning methods and a collection of good practices from CASCADE cities. The library presents the four peer-to-peer learning methods tested in CASCADE and provides useful material for organising successful learning visits (e.g. manuals, guidelines, examples of feedback reports).

The collection gives inspiration and ideas on new funding tools, administrative structures, stakeholder engagement methods and much more, in the three thematic areas of the project: buildings & districts, renewable energy & distribution of generated energy, urban transport

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