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New EU project supports Covenant of Mayors implementation in the Alps region
The Italian [provinces of Venice->] and [Turin->], which are two Covenant of Mayors Coordinators, and the European network [Climate Alliance->], an official Supporter of the initiative, are partnering in a recently-launched EU-funded project supporting the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) in the Alps region.

"SEAP Alps" is funded by the Alpine Space EU cooperation programme which helps seven Alpine countries to work together to promote regional development in a sustainable way. Launched in October 2012, the SEAP Alps project aims at "developing and implementing sustainable energy planning methodology at local level and at supporting local authorities in the improvement of energy policies, using the Covenant of Mayors initiative as a platform.”

An ad hoc methodology will be created to support SEAP development in the Alpine Space, focusing not only on climate mitigation but also adaptation measures, as is important in this region.

Capacity-building activities are foreseen for project partners, municipalities and stakeholders, who will also be trained through an e-learning platform, which will be released when the project is completed. The suitability of public-private partnerships as a means to finance SEAP implementation will also be explored and promoted. The project includes 12 partners from 5 Alpine countries and is to run until May 2015.

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