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Over 100 provinces and regions supporting the Covenant of Mayors
Only a few months ago did the Covenant of Mayors community reach the threshold of 3,000 signatories and today the figure has already risen to over 4,000! But the growing enthusiasm for this well-established movement is not limited to local authorities alone. An increasing number of regions, provinces, national ministries and agencies are also getting on board, bringing with them an ever growing number of signatories. There again, a milestone has just been reached as there are now over 100 Covenant of Mayors Coordinators to have joined the initiative !

As a reminder, these « Covenant Coordinators » are national or sub-national public authorities which pledge to provide technical, financial and administrative assistance to the cities and municipalities having signed the initiative. Coordinating the Covenant of Mayors process helps these administrations to put a framework around their sustainable energy actions and establish a coherent territorial strategy for low-carbon economic development.

Each month, the Covenant of Mayors Office interviews Covenant cities, regions, provinces and local authorities’ associations to make sure best practices are shared and replicated all across Europe and beyond. We are always keen to hear the experiences of pioneering mayors, presidents of provinces, regions and cities networks. If you would like to explore this opportunity, get in touch with the Covenant of Mayors Office by contacting our communications officer at

More information about the role of Covenant Coordinators can be found here and on the website of the IEE-financed project Energy4Mayors.

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