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Portuguese cities host first twinning visits on climate change adaptation
From 3 to 9 March 2016, several Portuguese cities hosted the first twinning visits organised in the framework of the Mayors Adapt initiative*.

A delegation from the Greek city of Ilion visited Cascais, while representatives from Florence (Italy) visited Lisbon. Cascais and Lisbon, both well-advanced in their adaptation process, were selected to be “mentor cities”.

The visits focused on green parks and infrastructures, water management and strategic planning for climate change adaptation. Cascais showed how to upgrade natural areas at limited costs through the creation of low-maintenance public gardens, and how to involve citizens in the renaturation of cities through recreational natural parks or community gardens.

photo: Bosque dos Gaios, an example of low-maintenance public garden in Cascais

Lisbon’s experience in elaborating its Master Plan inspired the municipality of Florence to plan adaptation measures based on the geomorphology of the city. The Florence delegation visited the Alcantara Wastewater Plant, where both rainfall and sewage waters are prepared to be reused for street cleaning and irrigation. Lisbon staff also showed how they are addressing adaptation through continuity between green areas and the use of crops, vineyards and urban allotment gardens. Representatives from Florence and Ilion left Portugal with an action plan that will be strengthened in the coming weeks with the input of the mentor cities and the Mayors Adapt Office.

The next twinning visit will take place in April with the city of Lleida (Spain) and the Union of Municipalities Terra di Leuca (Italy) visiting Bologna.

*The Mayors Adapt initiative has now been integrated into the new Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.

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