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Province of Barcelona: Energy assessments in residential sector help identify key SEAP measures
Energy assessment visits targeting the residential and service sectors in the municipality of El Brull, a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors, have led to the adoption of a chorus of concrete measures as part of the municipality’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

This process has been spearheaded by the Provincial Council of Barcelona, a very active Covenant Territorial Coordinator who joined the initiative in 2009.

In cooperation with the Provincial Council, the Osona Energy Agency has been conducting energy audits in other municipalities of the area, but hitherto mostly targeting municipal buildings and facilities. In this small village however, home to 255 inhabitants, targeting the residential and service sectors was crucial to achieve meaningful progress. Because of the difficult access to data in this sector, which is collected at provincial rather than municipal level, only rough estimates could be made. A representative sample of houses was thus visited for the performing of the energy assessment. This helped to determine the share of energy dedicated to heating, electricity and lighting and draw a number of conclusions. In a small village like El Brull, where information sharing between neighbours is greater than in larger municipalities, it is hoped that interest towards this process will spread rapidly. Measures identified included insulation improvement, changing of the lighting system and switch to biomass heating system. Average energy savings are expected to amount to 48kWh/m2 (37kgCO2/m2) with an estimated cost of 108€/m2.

As a result of the audit, each owner was given a personalised report as well as information on financial assistance provided by the Catalan government. In addition, the municipal council which was recently equipped with a new biomass installation is considering providing local biomass heating to neighbours at a competitive cost.

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