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Province of Girona: Over 90% of municipalities supported in reaching Covenant climate and energy objectives
In just about three years, the number of municipalities committed to the Covenant of Mayors in the [Girona Province->] went from only three in 2010 to over 190 in 2013! Altogether, the signatory municipalities cover a population of 700,000 inhabitants, which means that 93% of the province residents are to benefit from Covenant of Mayors-initiated projects across the territory.

Obviously, this rapid growth in the number of signatories is no coincidence : it is the results of the efforts of the Girona provincial administration, which signed a Covenant Coordinator agreement with the European Commission in October 2011.

In less than two years, the province has done a lot to support municipalities with their Covenant of Mayors commitments, providing administrative, legal, financial and technical support for the drafting and implementation of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

With regard to technical assistance, the province was selected among the key Covenant Coordinators supporting the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in the evaluation of SEAPs. For this purpose, the province has developed a regional methodology and reference SEAP to better guide municipalities in the process and alleviate the work of the JRC. More information on how other coordinators can follow this method can be found here.

In terms of financial assistance, the provincial council has allocated €490, 000 to assist municipalities with the drafting of their SEAPs and one million to support the plans’ actual implementation.

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