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Release of new templates - Supporting cities’ climate and energy ambitions through a strengthened progress monitoring system
The Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) are at the core of cities’ commitment to the Covenant of Mayors. They are the documents Covenant Signatories rely on to reach their CO2-reduction objective, which amounts to an average 29% target according to the first batch of plans analysed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre! Aware of the crucial importance of the SEAPs, as well as of cities’ constraints, the Covenant of Mayors Office and the Joint Research Centre have strived over the past months to enhance and strengthen the Covenant reporting framework and associated processes (submission, evaluation and feedback).

With this in mind, they have revised the SEAP template and produced the monitoring template which is now available through the Covenant extranet (My Covenant). These tools are aimed at supporting Covenant Signatories in monitoring the implementation of their ambitious actions - as defined in their plan.

  • What for?

Similarly to the SEAP Template at the SEAP submission stage, the Monitoring Template constitutes the Covenant Reporting Framework to be filled in by signatories at the monitoring stage. It therefore allows local authorities to report on their progress in SEAP implementation in a structured manner.

For further information, consult the comprehensive reporting guidelines (including common rules, practical recommendations and concrete examples) which will guide you through the new interfaces. A copy of the revised SEAP template and new Monitoring Template in a PDF format is downloadable from the Covenant Website Library.

  • What reporting requirements & timelines?

As a reminder, Covenant Signatories are committed to:
-  Reporting on the implementation status of your actions - every two years after having submitted their Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP);
-  Providing a complete monitoring report, including a Monitoring Emission Inventory (MEI) - every four years after having submitted their SEAP.

** Important: Due to the delay in publishing the SEAP and monitoring templates, the first signatories’ deadline for submitting the monitoring template will be extended by nine months. The concerned signatories will be informed in a separate communication.**

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