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Reporting progress: News on the Covenant of Mayors monitoring framework
One year after joining the Covenant of Mayors, signatory cities pledge to adopt a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and report every two years on its implementation.

Over the past months, the Covenant of Mayors Office and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission have been particularly active in developing this Covenant monitoring framework as well as in revising and enhancing the procedures in place to better echo the feedback provided by the Covenant community. These developments have been necessary to keep the initiative manageable, accountable and transparent. As a result, a revised version of the SEAP template, including new monitoring fields will be shortly released.


Local and regional experts have been involved throughout the development process of this monitoring framework to make sure the new template best addresses signatories’ needs. A selected group of practitioners, composed of energy experts from Covenant signatory cities, coordinating regions/provinces and supporting associations were invited to take part in the development process via a dedicated mailing list and a face-to-face workshop in Brussels. Find out more in this article.


The SEAP template and its monitoring section constitute a common reporting framework which is unique in Europe. Collecting and analysing data in a structured and systematic manner is a basis for good energy management. Reporting these data via the Covenant allows signatories to compare themselves with their peers, (benchmarking), but also to demonstrate the EU wide impact of their actions on the ground (see the ‘Covenant in figures’ webpage and the JRC’s ‘5-year Assessment of the Covenant of Mayors Initiative’). Figures reported in the SEAP template also help to ‘translate’ hundreds of pages of documents into understandable and transparent graphical highlights on the Covenant website and to give relevant feedback on local actions to policy-makers at EU level.


Signatories will be invited to report on the progress of their SEAP as soon as the new framework is launched, by end of autumn.

More detailed information on this process can be found >>here

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