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Romanian signatories elect their «Covenant ambassadors»
Romania is the latest in a series of European countries to set up its own “[Club” of Covenant of Mayors Signatories->]. As part of the launch event, three members of this newly-created club have been elected to represent Romanian signatories in exchanges and discussions with national and European institutions.

The mayors of Bistrița, Moineşti and Timișoara are the three “Covenant Ambassadors” who have been chosen to act as the group’s representatives.

The club includes 28 signatory municipalities, which will strive to exchange best practices and lessons learnt related to the implementation of the Covenant commitments. On top of this structure, a “Covenant Dialogue Platform” has also been formed to bring a wider spectrum of stakeholders around the table, including ministries, universities, NGOs and associations of energy-related professionals.

Indeed, as was discussed during the event, Covenant Signatories’ representation at national and European levels is starting to come forward as a central issue to ensure that the territorial dimension of energy is better reflected in the policy-making process and that local needs are addressed adequately when defining the Covenant’s future orientations.

The launch event was held in Brașov on 15 March 2012, in parallel to the annual meeting of the Romanian Energy Cities Network, one of the official Covenant of Mayors Supporters. Attendees included representatives of Covenant signatory cities, national authorities, Covenant Supporters and Territorial Coordinators, universities, companies, NGOs and the local press.

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