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Saving money and energy ? How a committed association supports municipalities in Italy
{{{Interview with Paolo di Laura Frattura, President of the Molise Region and of the ALI ComuniMolisani association.}}} In the Molise region – home to 300,000 inhabitants – local authorities receive crucial guidance on how to cut municipal expenditures through a more efficient management of resources. From the 136 municipalities that make up the whole region, 127 are members of the ALI ComuniMolisani association, which provides administrative support and technical assistance to municipalities, in a bid to help them in rasionalising functions and services. As economic and energy savings go hand in hand, the association is also actively promoting the Convenant of Mayors objectives in the region. This role, as well as the support provided to signatories in accessing EU funds for sustainable energy projects have earned it the European recognition associated with the status of Covenant Coordinator.

What are ALI ComuniMolisani’s activities in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors ?

Not only do we provide technical and administrative assistance to signatories, reaching out to local bodies and interfacing with the Covenant of Mayors Office in Brussels, we also financially support them in meeting the costs associated with the launching of their climate and energy strategy. Most crucially, we oversee the development of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). The focus area of those are investments in renewable energy sources ; energy efficiency in public buildings and schools ; cogeneration ; energy efficient public lighting ; sustainable mobility ; behaviour change and improved waste management.

What is the role of the Molise regionial administration in this ?

The region has earmarked EU funds for the preparation and implementation of SEAPs in the framework of the ERDF 2007-2013 operational programme. To facilitate data collection activities related to energy consumption and the inventory of public buildings needing energy renovation, the region has also allocated ERDF money to train a team of consultants supporting the municipality staff in this process.

Similarly, on the initiative of the region an envelope of €14,8 million from the ERDF has already been dedicated to energy efficiency in public buildings and to the launch a call for projects open to municipalities from the region. To be eligible, the projects must include measures that are foreseen in the municipalities’ Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

Can you provide example of a joint initiative implemented with the Molise Region ?

The commitments of ALI ComuniMolisani and the Molise Region to sustainable development have led to an ambitious project : the development of a geogereferenced map which provides a comprehensive picture of the whole territory, including cadastral maps, data related to energy consumption and public lighting. The intention is to produce a unique and dynamic database helping the region to control and monitor the territory’s energy consumption and investments, but also serving as a tool for citizens and local stakeholders to access a transparent portal of technical data, consumer trends and future work to be carried out by the administration.

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