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Wallonia RES Champions League: The 3 winners are Covenant Signatories!
The RES Champions League is a competition between European cities or towns aimed at promoting and encouraging local sustainable energy policies.

In Wallonia, Belgium, 32 municipalities took part in the 2013-2014 championship organised by APERe, the Belgian Association for Renewable Energies. From June to December 2013, the participants put a lot of efforts in achieving their missions : identifying local renewable energy sources, assessing their energy policy, strengthening their sustainable energy actions, involving the inhabitants and establishing partnerships with other municipalities.

The award ceremony was held on 11 February in Namur (Belgium) and 3 prizes were attributed in 3 categories : over 25,000, between 8,000 & 25,000 and less than 8,000 inhabitants.

The Covenant Signatory cities of Mouscron (>25,000), Frasnes-lez-Anvaing (8,000>25,000) and Attert (<8,000) are all champions in their category ! They were rewarded for their energy & climate actions, Mouscron’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan being notably defined as ’very ambitious’. Investing in solar energy and creating a cooperative for wind energy production (Frasnes-lez-Anvaing), developping the use of biomass (Attert) and raising awareness amongst citizens are some of the actions undertaken by the winning cities.

Congratulations to Namur, another Covenant Signatory, which was designated "Community Mobilisation Capital 2014" for its outstanding actions in favour of citizens and local stakeholders’ involvement. More information :

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