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Apart from their commitment to the Covenant of Mayors objectives, the cities of L'Aquila (Italy), Lorca (Spain) and Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) all have something in common: these three cities have recently experienced terrible events. L'Aquila and Lorca were devastated by earthquakes respectively in April 2009 and May 2011, while Mostar has become the tragic symbol of the Bosnian war.

United in the face of adversity, L’Aquila, Lorca and Mostar decided to turn a challenge into an opportunity and rebuild their cities in a ’smart’ way, according to sustainable development principles. While facing harsh times, the cities have just signed a friendship agreement, on 10 November 2011, to submit a joint proposal for a Smart Cities and Communities project. The project foresees the allocation of a total funding amounting to €40 million. Sustainable energy, energy security and a better quality of life are essential parts of the reconstruction plans of the cities.

"Our cities share a fundamental thing: the destruction of our historical centres. This is why we know what our mutual problems are and this allows us to exchange experiences. We have to rebuild better cities," said Mayor of Lorca Francisco Jodar Alonzo.

The three cities are to reconvene this coming Tuesday 29 November, on the occasion of the third Covenant of Mayors Annual Ceremony.

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