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Successful small-scale cogeneration examples in Brussels Capital-Region
Together with Associated Partner [COGEN Europe->], a set of cogeneration projects has been implemented in the Brussels Capital-Region of which the results were shown to a group of European Parliament Members this past December.

Yves Lebbe, cogeneration facilitator at Brussels Capital-Region states: “In 2005 we had 15 cogeneration units, now we have more than 70 cogeneration installations in our region. These projects deliver successful results in the private and in the public building sectors.”

One such installation is placed in the prestigious Conrad Hotel, where a combined heat and power (CHP) engine produces both electricity and heat from natural gas. Every year 2294 MWhe of electricity and 3178 MWhth of heat is produced by this engine. Compared to the previous energy system of the hotel, the new CHP engine delivers a direct energy saving of 13%. On annual basis CO2 emissions will go down by 317 tonnes, which means a reduction of 18% on the overall CO2 emissions of the hotel.

Installing the CHP engine involved an up-front investment of €412.500, which pays itself back in 3 to 4 years through an estimated 25% annual reduction in energy costs. The upfront investment and maintenance of the installation is taken care of by a private company. Apart from the sustainable energy solutions offered by cogeneration and the CO2 emission reductions achieved, these examples demonstrate the fruitful cooperation between COGEN Europe, an Associated Partner to the Covenant of Mayors, and the Brussels Capital Region, one of its signatories.

COGEN Europe is the European association for the promotion of cogeneration in Europe and across the world. It is a not-for-profit organisation whose membership is made up of manufacturers, consultancies, national cogeneration associations, users and service companies – all involved in cogeneration.

At present, 13 pan-European organisations have joined the Covenant of Mayors as Associated Partner, seeking to establish fruitful partnerships and models of cooperation with Covenant Signatories.

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