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Supporting local climate solutions: Food for thought from two events on urban adaptation

Over 80 practitioners and experts came together in Brussels on 12 October 2016 to attend the information event “Supporting local climate solutions – Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in practice: Adaptation in the spotlight” and to share their experiences on adaptation to climate change.

The information event focused on raising awareness on climate adaptation amongst city representatives and offered room for exchanging experience and address practical questions on adaptation. In five consequent sessions the participants had the opportunity to engage with each other on common challenges and opportunities in adapting to climate change.

The sessions highlighted different topics of adaptation addressing questions such as: What is urban adaptation in practice? How can cities translate adaptation commitments into action? How can local authorities integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation? What can be learned from good practices? Among the panellists were city representatives from Nijmegen (the Netherlands), Bologna (Italy), Stirling (United Kingdom) and Rouen (France).

A workshop on "Supporting urban climate change adaptation with Cohesion policy funds", organised by the European Commission, took place the same day in the afternoon . The workshop presented the economic case of urban adaptation, the EU Cohesion policy funds and initiatives supporting urban adaptation, and showcased inspirational good practices of using EU funds for urban adaptation. Amongst the panellists were national, regional and local representatives from Poland, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), Rouen (France) and Thessaloniki (Greece).

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