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Sustainable housing: yet another initiative from Brussels Capital
The Brussels-Capital Region, a Covenant Signatory and pioneer city in sustainable housing, will once more confirm its reputation with the opening of six “Energy Houses”.

These information centers will provide households with advice on how to improve energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources. This might not sound groundbreaking, but there is more to it: experts are also set to help private homeowners identify and prioritise potential refurbishment measures. Last but not least, the Energy Houses will carry out small renovation jobs (such as pipe insulation) and even propose zero or low-interest rate loans - according to the households’ income, to finance the retrofitting measures.

All of these services will be provided to all for free. Each Energy House will be run by one or more associations selected through a call for proposals and will cover up to 3 to 4 towns in the Brussels-Capital area. The overall goal is to allow citizens to reduce their energy consumption by proactively supporting them in the process. “Buildings, and particularly residential buildings, represent the main energy-consuming sector, and the one with the highest CO2 emissions in Brussels. That is why we have to carry on helping households reduce their consumption. These Energy Houses mark a new chapter in the energy policy that has been running from 2004 in the Brussels-Capital Region and that has already allowed to reduce the energy consumption per habitant by 18%.” – said Minister for Environment Evelyne Huytebroeck.

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