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The Covenant of Mayors as a source of inspiration for meeting India’s challenges
Eight European signatory cities -London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Milan, Riga, Dijon and Dunkirk- shared their urbanisation challenges and solutions on the occasion of a 2-day conference in Mumbai, India. Held on 18-19 November 2013, the 'Challenges of Mumbai as a mega-city – a way forward with the EU' was organised in partnership with the delegation of the European Union to India.

Although the scale of challenges varies a lot between European cities and mega-cities such as Mumbai, issues and solutions are often similar. With over 20 million inhabitants, Mumbai has been facing a dramatic demographic growth and its metropolitan area is expected to reach up to 33 million inhabitants by 2020. On the one hand, this puts huge pressure on land-use planning and resources. On the other hand, improving quality of life, health conditions and human dignity for those 40% of Mumbaikars living in slums requires urgent action.

Reducing traffic congestion and providing affordable housing and key infrastructure at a mass scale while ensuring accountable and responsible governance are Mumbai’s main challenges. Those issues can be addressed at local level, as proven by European examples and notably the Covenant of Mayors, which has become a source of inspiration that will help India’s mega-city meet its challenges.

European cities are eager to support their Indian counterparts and they are aware that such cooperation leads to win-win solutions, with a shared understanding of the necessity to tackle climate change issues and to show the way towards a sustainable and desirable future for all.

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