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  Covenant Newsletter May-August 2013  
Thinking – and acting ! – differently: 3,000 plans submitted by Covenant Signatories
As the holiday season takes hold across Europe, the atmosphere seems ripe for a quick round up of what the Covenant community has been up to over the last weeks and for an overview of present and upcoming developments, as signatory cities are still buzzing with activities !

3.000 action plans adopted, EU objectives exceeded !

Quite a busy summer indeed, as no less than 3,000 of the 5,000 Covenant-committed cities have now submitted their action plan – the so-called SEAP - to make their cities more liveable, through sustainable energy initiatives and their assorted benefits of job creation and economic development. By analysing a representative number of these SEAPs, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission found that on average, signatory cities pledge to reduce their emissions by 28%, thus well exceeding EU objectives on a voluntary basis ! According to this analysis, the biggest chunk (44%) of CO2 reduction is expected to come from the building sector, followed by transport (20%) and local energy production (16%). Concrete examples of actions and results can be found in the Benchmarks of Excellence catalogue and the same goes for all submitted SEAPs, which can be browsed here.

« Think different » : Swcharzenneger’s message to Covenant Signatories

Another landmark of the summer was obvisouly the high-profile Covenant of Mayors Ceremony, which took place last June 24 in the premises of the European Parliament and in the presence of California’s former governor Arnold Scwarzenegger, who mentioned the « passion, power and energy » of Covenant of Mayors cities, and advised them to follow Apple’s slogan and « think differently ». Watch his speech here.

If you were unable to attend and would still like to get a glimpse of how it all unfolded, watch the best-of video or have a look at the day’s pictures.

On the occasion of this much-anticipated event, the Covenant of Mayors Office unveiled and distributed a long list of new publications, including a leaflet about the Covenant key facts and figures, a brochure about multi-level cooperation and governance and a selection of signatories’ 2013 best practices. The Joint Research Centre also released on this occasion a « 5-year Assessment of the Covenant of Mayors Initiative ».

In the weeks ahead, make sure to stay tuned as the CoMO will continue to publish new publications, including a series of brochures on national contexts called « country close-ups ». As always, all these publications can be found in the library section of the website. Likewise, don’t miss the Covenant in Figures section of the website which is soon to be revamped with new features !

Destination reached ?

We mentioned above the 3.000 plans submitted by signatories. After the formal adoption by the municipal council follows the actual implementation. Then what becomes of these plans ? This is when a crucial dimension of the Covenant of Mayors comes in : progress monitoring. Every two years, signatories are asked to report of the results of their plans, the stage of the actions, the achieved CO2 reductions… For this purpose, the Covenant of Mayors Office is putting in place a comprehensive monitoring system, which is expected to be launched during Autumn 2013, with Covenant cities set to start their reporting in 2014.

In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of the summer and see you in September !

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