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Third Covenant of Mayors Ceremony: 3 reasons to participate
Among the numerous reasons that call for cities’ participation in the 3rd Covenant of Mayors Ceremony – to be held on 29 November in the premises of the European Parliament -, three particularly stand out:
  • Receive continued support from the EU institutions, by coming in sufficient numbers to show that the Covenant is a massive movement for change, with local and regional authorities committed to creating better living conditions for their citizens trough the development of sustainable energy policies. Under the impulsion of the Covenant, innovative financing and technical assistance schemes have been created and new regional policy priorities were announced for the 2014-2020 period. Proposals are however still on the negotiation table and this trend thus needs to be sustained.
  • Share experience with other local authorities and get inspiration from their commitments. In these times of crisis, creativity is needed more than ever to overcome budget cuts and lack of resources. In this spirit, learning from each other can prove highly beneficial.
  • Send a hopeful message in the context of the international negotiations on climate change. After Copenhagen in 2009 and Mexico in 2010, COP17 will open on 28 November in Durban, just one day ahead of the annual Covenant of Mayors Ceremony. Once again, many are doubtful about the prospect of reaching a multilateral agreement. In this context, the mobilisation of local authorities through the Covenant of Mayors is a strong element the EU could rely on to defend its position and demonstrate the commitment of the European community.
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