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Town-twinning becomes green: Learning Covenant cities get support from experienced ones
Twinning partnerships are an efficient way for ‘learning’ municipalities to gain knowledge from experienced ones. This is also true in the field of sustainable energy as shown by the [IEE->]-funded project “[Green Twinning->]” which seeks to strengthen the capacity of local authorities from the EU-12 “in institutionalising sustainable energy policies into their operations and in committing and fulfilling their Covenant of Mayors obligations.”

The twinning agreements struck between Spanish frontrunner municipalities and local authorities from Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovenia foresee activities like study visits, staff exchange and mentoring. In addition, the aim of the project is to identify and respond to training gaps through a detailed capacity-building strategy. Two courses have already been held, respectively on the development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans. Another aspect of the project will involve helping learning local authorities to identify financial mechanisms that would make their sustainable energy projects bankable. The project, which started in April 2012, will reach completion in March 2014 with the twinnings expected to last beyond that. Two Covenant of Mayors Supporters are involved in the project : the Greek association PEDA, as coordinator, and the Polish network PNEC. The Slovenian signatory city of Vrhnika also features among the project partners.

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