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Urban mobility: Covenant Signatories exchange views with European Parliament members
Elected representatives from three Covenant signatory cities, Bologna (Italy), Funchal (Portugal) and Utrecht (Netherlands) met with a delegation of the European Parliament Urban Intergroup to discuss "Sustainable Urban Mobility in times of crisis".

The exchange, which took place on 14 June in Strasbourg, was an opportunity to better identify future policies and funding on environmental sustainability and urban mobility within the European Regional Development Fund, by streamlining a number of dedicated budgets for more effectiveness. In particular, it was noted that a fast track for cities that have shown experience and leadership in the field of sustainable urban mobility should be created.

Commenting on the topic, Vice Mayor of Funchal Bruno Pereira stated: “A decisive action at local level is needed to address key EU societal challenges, including climate change mitigation and building a functioning trans-European transport network, but municipal budgets are severely strained. EU funds can leverage this local action - but for this more EU funds need to be channeled towards the towns and cities and towards urban mobility. It should be ensured that the share of regional and cohesion financing dedicated to cities – also for urban mobility - reflects the importance of urban areas for the future”. The President and Vice-President of the Intergroup, Jan Olbrycht and Lambert van Nistelrooij - are also both rapporteurs on the Cohesion Policy regulations, both attended the meeting, during which cities also discussed innovative solutions and best practices gained from their involvement in the CIVITAS MIMOSA project.

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