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What do « Covenant Supporters » do?
The Covenant of Mayors initiative includes a large variety of stakeholders, from local authorities to provinces, regions, energy agencies, federations of companies, NGOs and networks, which all play a specific role in the initiative.

Aware of this, the Covenant of Mayors Office has just published an implementation report providing a detailed overview into the role of one of these actors - the networks and associations of local and regional authorities - which fall within the category of « Covenant Supporters ». As part of their involvement in the initiative, these networks and associations have committed to reporting annually on their Covenant of Mayors activities, the key findings of which have been outlined in the mentioned report.

More specifically, two conclusions can be drawn from the feedback received :

  • Covenant Supporters have a decisive leverage effect on the Covenant of Mayors impact, as they have the ability to reach out to a substantial number of local authorities by leveraging their large member base. The figures speak for themselves, according to the information collected by the Covenant of Mayors Office, over 220 events gathering in total between 13,000 and 15,000 participants have been organised by Supporters over the past two years !
  • EU projects play a considerable role in unlocking the support potential of these networks. Through their involvement in projects, many Covenant Supporters are indeed able to provide more technical assistance to signatories, thus helping them to produce action plans of higher quality and raising their ability to fulfil their commitments.

As part of the reporting exercise, a series of expectations have been formulated by Covenant Supporters, which will be taken into account by the Covenant secretariat when planning future activities.

This report, which outlines the main findings of the 2011-2012 reporting exercise covering close to 60 Covenant Supporters, can be downloaded here from the Covenant of Mayors library.

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