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What’s hot, what’s new, what’s next?
What better occasion than the slow holiday rhythm to get a brief overview of past, present and upcoming activities? Moving deeper into the summer, good news keep flowing in, as the Covenant Community can now celebrate 3,000 adopted Sustainable Energy Action Plans and close to 5,000 committed signatory municipalities! And who is to be congratulated for these impressing results? Well, in great part, they are the fruit of the hard work of Covenant of Mayors Coordinators and Supporters, the large number of public bodies and associations that support the commitments of Covenant signatory cities. So let’s see what they have been up to over the last few weeks, and what activities lie ahead.

What’s happened ?

June 2013 was a busy month on the Covenant of Mayors calendar, as it was not only that of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, but also the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony, which took place on the 24th, in the European Parliament. Being the high profile event that it is, this year it had the honour of hosting a special guest from the other side of the Atlantic, as the former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a keynote speech. As founding chair of the R20 network, he emphasized the key role of sub-national governments in fighting climate change. The presidents of the provinces of Sassari (pictured) in Italy and of Alicante, in Spain, also took the floor during this important event to show the crucial contribution of Covenant coordinating regions and provinces. Pictures of the event can be downloaded here and a best-of video has also been uploaded on the Covenant Youtube channel, along with all the speeches delivered on this occasion.

What’s new ?

The activities of Covenant Coordinators and Supporters are well highlighted in the numerous publications that were released on the occasion of the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony. Indeed, supporting associations, provinces and regions feature prominently in the new multi-level cooperation brochure, and their activities are also showcased in the 2013 collection of best practices, which was displayed on screen during the ceremony. A fact and figures leaflet and in-depth assessment of the Covenant impacts provide key statistics about the initiative, which can prove particularly useful to Coordinators and Supporters when calling for more political, technical and financial support for Covenant Signatories.

What’s next ?

Monitoring report :

In accordance with the agreement signed with the European Commission, Coordinators and Supporters should regularly report to the European Commission on their Covenant-related activities. All supporting and coordinating bodies which have been involved in the initiative for over a year will now be invited to perform such reporting for the year 2013. The Covenant of Mayors Office (CoMO) will disseminate a questionnaire during the first week of September, which should be completed by respondents within a month. As a Covenant Coordinator or Supporter, consider this an opportunity to inform the European Commission about the progress of your commitments as well as share your needs and expectations.

Covenant Coordinators guidelines :

In order to provide inspiration to coordinating regions and provinces about the potential scope of Covenant actions and other successful initiatives, the CoMO will release “Guidelines for Covenant Territorial Coordinators” in the autumn. A similar document already exists for Covenant supporting associations and networks and can be downloaded here.

Stay tuned !

The CoMO will host an event on 9 October during the European Week of Cities and Regions (Open Days) focusing on EU funding opportunities. In addition, new national webinars on energy performance contracting will be organised in Romania, France, Slovakia and Poland by the end of the year. Last but not least, a workshop on the links between local energy and mobility planning is also foreseen in the near future.

Do not miss these chances to increase your knowledge about the latest energy planning tips and tricks and come across new ideas and partners to better support the municipalities of your territory !

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