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What’s in store for 2013?
The Covenant of Mayors is an ever-improving initiative, constantly adapting its methods and processes based on the feedback provided by its growing community. Over the past few months, the Covenant of Mayors Office (CoMO) and Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission have been particularly active in revising and enhancing the procedures in place, notably to better echo the needs of signatories. As we embark on a new year, the Covenant of Mayors Office shares its 2013 resolutions:
  • Showing Performance Indicators

The existing ‘Covenant in Figures’ webpage will be completed with further figures and performance indicators (e.g. average CO2 reduction target ; expected energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction by 2020 by key sector) to show at a glance the impact of the Covenant initiative as a whole.

  • Improving the online platform and simplifying administrative procedures

The Covenant Extranet will continue being regularly improved with more automated features. For example, an extension of the SEAP submission deadline can now be requested through a specific form available under the signatories’ and coordinators’ profiles. The rules to grant such extensions have also been redefined – find out more here.

  • Ensuring a transparent process

The information on whether or not signatories are respecting their commitments is publicly available under their individual profiles and on the Covenant extranet. A new status will be shortly added, identifying Signatories that are late in the process and therefore temporarily “on hold” (see “Signatory on hold – deadline over”) - Check their status at any time here.

  • Simplifying the online reporting

The Covenant of Mayors Office continuously seeks to improve the ergonomics of the Extranet, to ease the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) submission process and minimize signatories’ constraints. The objective is to progressively revamp the interface, integrating interactive, flexible and easy-to-use reporting features. The SEAP template itself will also be subject to slight revision. Other such improvements are to follow shortly.

  • Ensuring quicker feedback - online, on time !

The Covenant of Mayors Office understands the need for a more efficient SEAP evaluation process and the provision of a prompt and valuable feedback to signatories. It is a long and tedious work, but in progress ! In a few months, the system will perform real-time completion and data consistency checks. The objective is to quickly detect any validation errors. First results will be presented in a user-friendly and concise manner to signatories in a “pre-feedback report”, mainly through notifications and graphical elements. This will help them to check at a glance if the SEAP template meets all the Covenant requirements.

  • Making it easier to monitor progress

The reporting process to monitor the implementation of SEAPs is currently being developed by both the CoMO and JRC. This reporting procedure will be facilitated by an online template (similar to the one which is used as part of the SEAP submission process), and accompanied by a comprehensive instruction document. A selected group of practitioners (composed of energy experts active as Covenant Signatories, Coordinators or Supporters) has been invited to take part in the development process and make sure the new template best responds to signatories’ needs. The monitoring template and instructions should be officially published in the first half of 2013.

  • Providing country-specific guidance

Our office already liaises with a pool of national experts to further decentralise the helpdesk operations and ensure greater consistency with national and regional processes. Thanks to their involvement, country-focused leaflets for Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland will be shortly published (both in English and the national language) to provide a more in-depth overview of the national context / energy policies and better promote successful examples, supporting methodological tools, and financial sources available in each country. More leaflets will follow, thanks to the voluntary contribution of active supporters.

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