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Here you can find a list of research topics in fields related to the Covenant of Mayors initiative. We invite you to discover them and notify the Covenant of Mayors Office ( in case your research is addressing any of them. You can also join the Covenant science community and disseminate your research by registering here.

Energy planning
Topic: Energy planning practices in South and North Europe / Comparative analysis of SEAPs from different European regions or countries
Questions: What are the main differences in the methodological approaches and the main reasons? What are the main differences in the measures adopted?
Topic: Review of SEAPs combining mitigation and adaptation measures
Questions: How mitigation and adaptation is being addressed in SEAPs? Is it influenced by geographical location?
Topic: Survey of local data availability for performing emission inventories by country or EU-wide
Questions: What are the barriers to overcome in EU-28? What recommendations can be drawn on local data collection for national statistics bodies and Eurostat?
Topic: Active involvement of public and private stakeholders in the drafting and implementation of SEAPs
Questions: How local stakeholders are involved in SEAP preparation/implementation? Which public participation methods are currently employed by local authorities to promote public engagement?
Topic: The status of implementation of the Covenant of Mayors by country
Questions: What is the current status of implementation of the Covenant in a specific country? What are the success factors and barriers to delivering the Covenant commitments?
Topic: Integration of SEAPs with other local plans (e.g. Local Agenda 21, master plans, mobility plans)
Questions: How are SEAPs developed in integration with other plans or policies?
Policy Instruments (Awareness, Regulation and Financing schemes)
Topic: Multi-level governance practices in SEAP development and implementation
Questions: What works and why? Which are the results/benefits deriving from the application of the subsidiarity principle?
Topic: Effective policy mechanisms for SEAP implementation
Questions: What works and why?
Impact Assessment (Environment, Social and Economic)
Topic: Review of measures in SEAPs by sector or by type of actions (technical/physical and political)
Questions: What works and why? Which are the most cost-effective actions for a given context?
Topic: A "McKinsey" cost abatement curve of SEAPs’ actions
Questions: Which are the most cost-effective actions?
Topic: Review of actions targeting behavioural changes
Questions: How to measure the outcomes?
Topic: The impact of the Covenant of Mayors in delivering local jobs and boosting local economy
Questions: How to measure local jobs and growth? How much direct and indirect jobs can SEAP’s actions deliver at the local level?
Topic: The impact of the Covenant of Mayors in improving the quality of life in cities
Questions: Which benefits arise from the implementation of actions that can contribute to greater quality of life?
Topic: The contribution of local action in national/EU climate and energy targets
Questions: What is the expected contribution coming from SEAPs to national/EU targets?
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