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The Covenant of Mayors Office is responsible for the overall coordination of the initiative. It is managed by a consortium of networks of local and regional authorities, led by Energy Cities, composed of Climate Alliance, CEMR, Eurocities and Fedarene, working in close cooperation with ECOFYS, Fresh Thoughts and IFOK.


You are a Covenant Signatory?
Central Helpdesk (CoMO) > e-mail / phone: +32 2 400 10 67
Helpdesk Italy > e-mail / phone: +39 075 85 07 965
Helpdesk Germany & Austria > e-mail / phone: +49 69 717 139 17
Helpdesk Spain > e-mail / phone: +49 69 717 139 17
Technical Helpdesk (JRC) > e-mail / phone: +39 033 278 3587

You are a Covenant Coordinator / LAREA?
Helpdesk Coordinators & LAREAS > e-mail

You are a Covenant Supporter?
Helpdesk Supporters > e-mail

Covenant of Mayors Office

Head of Office
Frédéric Boyer
Communication & Events
Floriane Cappelletti
Media inquiry
Event inquiry
David Donnerer
IT Infrastructure
Olivier Lagarde
Mobilising Finance
Tamas Solymosi
Mobilising Finance
Jana Cicmanova
Central Helpdesk
Jeppe Jensen
Send an e-mail
Phone: +32 2 400 10 67
Helpdesk Spain
Miguel Morcillo
Send an e-mail
Phone: +49 69 717 139 17
Helpdesk Germany & Austria
Svenja Schuchmann
Send an e-mail
On parental leave, please contact Miguel Morcillo
Helpdesk Italy
Maria Guerrieri
Send an e-mail
Phone: +39 075 85 07 965
Capacity Building
SEAP implementation

Lucie Blondel
SEAP, Monitoring & Benchmarking
Ana Rita Neves
Covenant awareness-raising events
Mélanie Leroy
Covenant awareness-raising events
Claire Baffert
Covenant Supporters, Liaison with EU initiatives
Eugenia Mansutti
Helpdesk Supporters: Send an e-mail
Covenant Coordinators, local & regional energy agencies
Elodie Bossio
Helpdesk Coordinators & Energy Agencies: Send an e-mail
Phone: to be added soon

Technical Support Team

Joint Research Center
SEAP analysis and feedback, Monitoring and Technical Support
Technical Helpdesk Signatories: Send an e-mail
Phone: +39 033 278 3587

Come and visit us in Brussels!

Covenant of Mayors Office
63-67 rue d’Arlon
1040 Brussels


Covenant of Mayors East Office

- By e-mail: General inquiry

- By phone: +38 (032) 238 05 05

CES-MED: Cleaner Energy-Saving Mediterranean Cities

- By e-mail: General inquiry

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