Illustration Covenant Coordinators

Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Region of Sicily - Department of Energy


Country: Italy


Main contact: Pietro Lo Monaco
Position: General Director of Energy Department of Region Sicily

Support provided to signatories

    Promote adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors
    • Dissemination of Covenant promotion materials (brochure, thematic leaflets, etc.)
    • Adaptation / translation of Covenant promotional materials to the national/regional context or development of a specific publication on the Covenant
    • Leverage of own communication tools (e.g. newsletter, website, mailing lists, etc.)
    • Organisation of events
    Provide financing to Covenant Signatories for the development of their BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Direct financial support: Budget allocated to the Covenant of Mayors in €?
      > 30000000
    • Indirect support through staff assigned
    Provide technical support for the development of the BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Development or adaptation of technical guidelines
    • Consultancy commissioned for the technical support

    Signatories Supported

    Signatories Population Adhesion Status
    Acate, IT10,43215 Mar 2012Action Plans submitted
    Aci Bonaccorsi, IT3,27212 Jul 2012Adhesion
    Aci Castello, IT18,08010 Jun 2013Action Plans submitted
    Aci Catena, IT29,66215 Feb 2017Adhesion
    Aci Sant'Antonio, IT17,47928 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Acireale, IT53,12224 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Acquaviva Platani, IT1,03320 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    Acquedolci , IT5,50027 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
    Adrano, IT35,51930 Sep 2013Action Plans submitted
    Agira, IT8,50027 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Agrigento, IT57,000 9 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Aidone, IT5,023 6 Nov 2012Adhesion
    Alcamo, IT46,23819 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    Alcara li Fusi, IT2,47315 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Alessandria della Rocca, IT3,08221 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Alì Terme, IT2,48316 Oct 2013Adhesion
    Alia, IT3,806 6 Mar 2014Action Plans submitted
    Alimena, IT2,08711 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    Aliminusa, IT1,269 3 Sep 2014Action Plans submitted
    Altavilla Milicia, IT7,79129 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
    Altofonte, IT10,43813 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Antillo, IT992 6 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    Aragona, IT9,49321 Mar 2013Adhesion
    ASSORO, IT5,33723 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    ATS ObiettivoZero - Valle degli Iblei, IT62,95422 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
    Augusta, IT36,30518 Mar 2016Adhesion
    Avola, IT32,00018 Sep 2012Action Plans submitted
    BAGHERIA, IT54,27128 Jan 2015Adhesion
    Balestrate, IT6,39517 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, IT41,64415 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    BARRAFRANCA, IT13,96424 Apr 2013Adhesion
    BASICO', IT63224 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Baucina, IT2,01522 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Belmonte Mezzagno, IT11,24922 Jan 2013Action Plans submitted
    Belpasso, IT27,059 7 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
    Biancavilla, IT23,832 4 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Bisacquino, IT4,761 6 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Bivona, IT3,800 4 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Blufi, IT1,063 1 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
    Bolognetta, IT4,17427 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    BOMPENSIERE, IT58129 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    Bompietro, IT1,47423 Feb 2013Monitoring started
    Borgetto, IT7,27117 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Brolo, IT5,84612 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Bronte, IT19,437 6 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Burgio, IT2,76324 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Buseto Palizzolo, IT3,06521 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    Butera, IT4,980 1 Mar 2012Adhesion
    Caccamo, IT8,650 5 Jul 2012Monitoring started
    CALAMONACI, IT1,343 9 Sep 2014Adhesion
    Calascibetta, IT4,58519 Sep 2013Action Plans submitted
    Calatafimi, IT6,906 9 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
    Caltabellotta, IT3,92118 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Caltagirone, IT39,47814 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
    Caltanissetta, IT61,66723 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
    Caltavuturo, IT4,09729 Jun 2012Action Plans submitted
    Camastra, IT2,12821 Oct 2013Monitoring started
    Cammarata, IT6,26426 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Campobello di Licata, IT10,32821 Jun 2012Monitoring started
    Campobello di Mazara, IT10,81228 Feb 2013Adhesion
    Campofelice di Fitalia, IT54430 Aug 2013Adhesion
    Campofelice di Roccella, IT7,10231 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Campofiorito , IT1,30717 Feb 2014Adhesion
    CAMPOFRANCO, IT3,20016 Dec 2013Monitoring started
    Camporotondo Etneo, IT4,51915 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    Canicattì, IT35,39321 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Capizzi , IT3,40714 Apr 2010Adhesion
    Capo d'Orlando , IT13,22112 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    CAPRI LEONE, IT4,55914 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Carini, IT36,82324 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Carlentini, IT18,09419 Sep 2012Action Plans submitted
    Caronia, IT3,42614 Apr 2010Adhesion
    Casalvecchio Siculo, IT86630 Aug 2013Action Plans submitted
    Castel di Iudica, IT4,72630 Mar 2012Adhesion
    Castel di Lucio, IT1,39025 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
    Castelbuono, IT9,64828 Dec 2009Action Plans submitted
    Casteldaccia, IT10,87030 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    CASTELL'UMBERTO, IT3,16128 Jan 2015Action Plans submitted
    Castellammare del Golfo, IT14,57330 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Castellana Sicula, IT3,63227 May 2011Action Plans submitted
    Castelmola, IT1,08729 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Casteltermini, IT8,38127 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Castelvetrano Selinunte, IT32,000 1 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
    Castiglione di sicilia, IT3,60025 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Castrofilippo, IT3,01721 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Castronovo di Sicilia, IT3,15929 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    CASTROREALE, IT2,60029 Jan 2013Action Plans submitted
    Catania, IT293,10426 Sep 2013Action Plans submitted
    Catenanuova, IT4,999 6 Jun 2013Action Plans submitted
    Cattolica Eraclea, IT3,94326 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Cefalà Diana, IT1,033 7 Aug 2013Action Plans submitted
    Cefalù, IT14,00020 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    Centuripe, IT5,59918 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Cerami, IT2,19612 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Cesarò, IT2,59017 Jan 2015Action Plans submitted
    Chiaramonte Gulfi, IT8,21814 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
    Chiusa Sclafani, IT2,93524 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Cianciana, IT3,51515 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Ciminna, IT3,822 3 Apr 2013Monitoring started
    Cinisi, IT12,28125 Jul 2014Action Plans submitted
    Collesano, IT4,19025 Jan 2012Action Plans submitted
    Comiso, IT29,076 3 Dec 2009Action Plans submitted
    Comitini, IT94829 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Condrò, IT49021 Dec 2015Action Plans submitted
    Contessa Entellina, IT1,84627 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    corleone, IT11,200 1 Aug 2014Adhesion
    Custonaci, IT5,38831 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
    Delia, IT4,50318 Jun 2012Action Plans submitted
    Enna, IT27,86729 Jan 2014Action Plans submitted
    Erice, IT27,97020 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    Favara, IT33,00712 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
    Ficarazzi, IT12,59223 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Ficarra, IT1,61214 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Fiumedinisi, IT1,53320 May 2014Action Plans submitted
    Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, IT9,68521 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Floresta, IT54221 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Fondachelli Fantina, IT1,14419 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    FRANCAVILLA DI SICILIA, IT4,04321 Aug 2014Action Plans submitted
    Francofonte, IT12,909 9 Aug 2013Monitoring started
    Frazzanò, IT80415 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Furci Siculo, IT3,28713 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Gaggi, IT3,15321 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    Gagliano Castelferrato, IT3,67623 Sep 2013Action Plans submitted
    Galati Mamertino, IT2,310 9 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Gallodoro, IT37910 Aug 2014Action Plans submitted
    Gangi, IT6,996 4 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Gela, IT77,33625 Oct 2010Action Plans submitted
    Geraci Siculo (PA), IT1,92514 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Giardinello, IT2,236 7 Mar 2013Monitoring started
    Giarratana, IT3,137 8 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Giarre, IT28,131 8 May 2013Monitoring started
    Gibellina, IT4,30022 Oct 2013Adhesion
    Gioiosa Marea, IT7,20911 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Giuliana, IT2,01422 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Godrano , IT1,16218 Jan 2012Adhesion
    Grammichele, IT13,27430 Mar 2012Adhesion
    Gratteri, IT99923 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Gravina di Catania, IT27,36325 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Grotte, IT5,831 4 Apr 2013Monitoring started
    Gualtieri Sicaminò, IT1,83928 Jul 2014Monitoring started
    Isnello, IT1,577 4 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    Isola delle Femmine, IT7,30023 Jan 2015Adhesion
    Ispica, IT15,57317 Jun 2013Monitoring started
    Itala, IT1,64719 Mar 2014Action Plans submitted
    Joppolo Giancaxio, IT1,23527 Aug 2013Action Plans submitted
    Lascari, IT3,500 3 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
    Leni, IT710 8 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
    Leonforte, IT13,73311 Sep 2013Adhesion
    Lercara Friddi, IT6,935 7 Jan 2014Action Plans submitted
    Letojanni, IT2,80026 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Librizzi, IT1,78129 Jun 2012Action Plans submitted
    Licata, IT39,08221 Mar 2012Monitoring started
    LIMINA, IT99611 Jul 2014Action Plans submitted
    Linguaglossa, IT5,50012 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Longi, IT1,58312 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Lucca Sicula, IT1,87723 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Maletto, IT4,017 9 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    MALFA, IT98414 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
    Malvagna, IT79229 Sep 2011Adhesion
    Mandanici, IT63523 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Maniace, IT3,65030 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Marianopoli, IT1,97620 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Marineo, IT6,88522 Sep 2010Adhesion
    Marsala, IT80,32213 Nov 2012Monitoring started
    Mascali, IT13,86421 Jun 2011Adhesion
    Mascalucia, IT30,00018 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Mazara del Vallo, IT50,62721 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Mazzarino, IT11,94614 Feb 2012Action Plans submitted
    Mazzarra' Sant'Andrea, IT1,57220 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    Melilli, IT13,61014 Sep 2012Adhesion
    Menfi, IT12,739 4 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    MERI', IT2,433 3 Jun 2013Action Plans submitted
    Messina, IT246,00018 May 2011Action Plans submitted
    Mezzojuso, IT3,02028 Sep 2012Adhesion
    Milazzo, IT31,860 3 Feb 2015Action Plans submitted
    MILENA, IT3,12010 Feb 2014Action Plans submitted
    Militello in Val di Catania, IT7,90928 Mar 2012Adhesion
    Militello rosmarino, IT1,33715 Apr 2010Adhesion
    Milo, IT1,05530 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Mineo, IT5,16329 Mar 2011Adhesion
    Mirto, IT1,01628 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Misilmeri, IT27,30819 Feb 2013Adhesion
    Misterbianco, IT45,96119 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    Mistretta, IT5,07929 Mar 2010Adhesion
    Modica, IT55,196 8 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Mojo Alcantara, IT72418 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    monforte san giorgio, IT2,88018 Aug 2014Action Plans submitted
    Monreale, IT39,250 6 Sep 2013Action Plans submitted
    MONTAGNAREALE, IT1,63726 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
    Montalbano elicona, IT2,48828 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Montallegro, IT2,52814 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    MONTEDORO, IT1,58821 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Montelepre, IT6,368 6 Jun 2014Action Plans submitted
    MONTEMAGGIORE BELSITO, IT3,47228 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Monterosso Almo, IT3,15026 Oct 2009Action Plans submitted
    Montevago, IT3,03918 May 2012Action Plans submitted
    Motta D'Affermo, IT85016 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
    Motta Sant'Anastasia, IT11,32311 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Mussomeli, IT10,96026 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Naro, IT8,12521 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Naso, IT4,107 5 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
    Nicolosi, IT7,22912 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
    Nicosia, IT14,54714 Jun 2010Adhesion
    Niscemi, IT26,47121 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
    Nissoria , IT3,000 9 Sep 2013Adhesion
    Nizza di Sicilia, IT3,663 2 Feb 2012Adhesion
    Noto, IT23,60026 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Pace del Mela , IT6,37224 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
    Paceco, IT11,45121 Nov 2013Adhesion
    Pachino, IT22,06813 Jun 2013Action Plans submitted
    Pagliara, IT1,20013 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    Palagonia, IT16,429 7 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Palazzo Adriano, IT2,18518 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Palermo, IT656,00029 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
    Palma di Montechiaro, IT23,48221 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Pantelleria, IT7,60126 Aug 2013Action Plans submitted
    Partanna, IT10,83223 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Partinico, IT31,67029 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Paterno, IT49,62510 Aug 2012Action Plans submitted
    Patti, IT13,42123 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Petralia Soprana, IT3,418 4 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Petralia Sottana, IT2,888 6 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    Petrosino, IT7,96222 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    Pettineo, IT1,45414 Apr 2010Adhesion
    Piana degli Albanesi, IT6,022 6 Feb 2013Adhesion
    Piazza Armerina, IT21,00029 Jun 2012Action Plans submitted
    Piedimonte Etneo, IT3,967 9 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Pietraperzia, IT7,16528 Aug 2013Action Plans submitted
    Poggioreale, IT1,534 8 Oct 2012Adhesion
    Polizzi Generosa, IT3,55027 Jun 2013Action Plans submitted
    Pollina, IT3,100 8 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Porto Empedocle, IT16,84128 May 2013Monitoring started
    Portopalo di Capo Passero , IT3,827 1 Aug 2012Action Plans submitted
    Pozzallo, IT19,23431 Aug 2013Adhesion
    Prizzi, IT5,20020 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    Racalmuto, IT8,340 9 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Raccuja, IT1,14713 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Raddusa, IT3,30027 Feb 2012Adhesion
    Raffadali, IT12,80817 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
    Ragalna, IT3,678 3 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Ragusa, IT69,800 4 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Ramacca, IT10,85922 Dec 2011Adhesion
    Randazzo, IT11,10828 Jun 2013Action Plans submitted
    Ravanusa, IT12,81921 Oct 2013Adhesion
    Realmonte, IT4,52328 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    Regalbuto, IT7,51225 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Reitano, IT95114 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Resuttano, IT2,09727 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    Ribera, IT19,500 6 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Riesi, IT11,66627 Apr 2012Action Plans submitted
    Riposto, IT14,98117 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Roccafiorita, IT22230 Jul 2014Action Plans submitted
    ROCCALUMERA, IT4,09329 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
    ROCCAMENA, IT1,54830 Jan 2014Action Plans submitted
    Roccapalumba, IT2,620 8 Jan 2013Action Plans submitted
    Roccavaldina, IT1,15125 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Rometta, IT6,80026 Sep 2014Adhesion
    Salaparuta, IT1,69629 Sep 2012Adhesion
    Salemi, IT10,84627 Sep 2012Action Plans submitted
    Sambuca di Sicilia, IT5,985 6 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    San Biagio Platani, IT3,468 8 Mar 2013Monitoring started
    San Cataldo, IT23,31824 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
    San Cipirello, IT5,47226 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    San Cono, IT2,847 2 Mar 2012Action Plans submitted
    San Filippo del Mela , IT7,30014 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
    San Fratello, IT4,00324 Feb 2012Adhesion
    San Giovanni Gemini, IT8,11526 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    San Giovanni La Punta, IT22,054 8 Aug 2013Monitoring started
    San Giuseppe Jato, IT8,47027 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    San Gregorio di Catania, IT11,710 5 Aug 2014Action Plans submitted
    San Marco d'Alunzio, IT2,08212 Apr 2010Adhesion
    San Mauro Castelverde, IT1,78129 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
    San Michele di Ganzaria, IT3,58029 Nov 2011Adhesion
    SAN PIER NICETO, IT2,88329 Jul 2014Action Plans submitted
    San Piero Patti, IT3,018 6 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    San Pietro Clarenza, IT7,16014 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
    San Salvatore di Fitalia, IT1,42415 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    San Teodoro, IT1,42614 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    San Vito Lo Capo, IT4,49116 Sep 2013Adhesion
    Sant'Agata Li Battiati, IT9,00022 Jan 2014Adhesion
    Sant'Alessio Siculo, IT1,52529 May 2014Action Plans submitted
    Sant'Alfio, IT1,62627 Dec 2013Action Plans submitted
    Sant'Angelo di Brolo, IT3,33013 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Sant'Angelo Muxaro, IT1,42431 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Santa Caterina Villarmosa, IT5,64126 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
    Santa Cristina Gela, IT92810 Feb 2012Adhesion
    Santa Croce Camerina (RG), IT10,67821 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Santa Domenica Vittoria, IT1,079 3 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Santa Elisabetta , IT2,57727 Jun 2014Action Plans submitted
    SANTA LUCIA DEL MELA, IT4,70928 Aug 2014Action Plans submitted
    Santa Margherita di Belice, IT6,53327 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Santa Maria di Licodia, IT7,321 4 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    SANTA MARINA SALINA, IT88029 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
    Santa Ninfa, IT5,10922 Nov 2012Adhesion
    Santa Teresa di Riva, IT9,42029 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
    Santa Venerina, IT8,40530 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Santo stefano di Camastra, IT4,53311 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Santo Stefano Quisquina, IT4,83825 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Saponara, IT4,250 8 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
    Savoca, IT1,74629 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
    Scaletta Zanclea, IT2,272 5 Sep 2011Adhesion
    Sciacca, IT41,11011 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Sciara, IT2,84326 Sep 2013Action Plans submitted
    Scicli, IT26,55610 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Sclafani Bagni , IT45022 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Scordia, IT17,26624 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Serradifalco, IT6,25030 Aug 2012Action Plans submitted
    Siculiana, IT4,67621 Oct 2013Adhesion
    Sinagra, IT2,78113 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Siracusa, IT123,51028 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    SOMMATINO, IT7,26718 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Sperlinga, IT90030 Nov 2013Adhesion
    SUTERA, IT1,46122 Apr 2013Monitoring started
    Taormina, IT11,061 1 Aug 2013Adhesion
    TERME VIGLIATORE, IT7,25027 Nov 2014Action Plans submitted
    Termini Imerese, IT27,00013 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    Torregrotta, IT7,44625 Jul 2014Action Plans submitted
    Torrenova, IT4,24222 Dec 2014Monitoring started
    Torretta, IT4,21527 Sep 2013Action Plans submitted
    Tortorici, IT6,501 6 Nov 2014Action Plans submitted
    Trabia, IT10,63426 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Trapani, IT70,622 7 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Trappeto, IT3,217 9 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Trecastagni, IT10,68629 May 2013Action Plans submitted
    Tremestieri Etneo, IT21,03227 Aug 2013Action Plans submitted
    Tripi, IT89829 Jul 2014Action Plans submitted
    Troina, IT9,70431 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
    Tusa, IT3,08226 Mar 2011Adhesion
    Ucria, IT1,13315 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Ustica, IT1,31314 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Valderice, IT12,071 9 Oct 2012Adhesion
    Valdina, IT1,334 9 Sep 2014Adhesion
    Valguarnera Caropepe, IT8,20014 Nov 2011Adhesion
    VALLEDOLMO, IT3,72027 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Vallelunga Pratameno, IT3,68718 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    Venetico, IT3,891 8 Nov 2014Action Plans submitted
    Ventimiglia di Sicilia, IT2,19822 Mar 2013Adhesion
    Viagrande, IT8,15528 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
    Villafranca Sicula, IT1,427 5 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Villafranca Tirrena, IT8,748 5 Sep 2014Action Plans submitted
    Villafrati, IT3,37629 Nov 2013Monitoring started
    Villalba, IT1,80322 May 2012Action Plans submitted
    Villarosa, IT5,13023 Sep 2013Monitoring started
    Vita, IT2,12823 Apr 2013Adhesion
    Vittoria, IT61,02027 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
    Zafferana Etnea, IT9,249 6 Aug 2012Action Plans submitted


    Provision of funding to the signatories of the Covenant of Mayors. “Fostering the energy environmental sustainability in the Sicily's municipalities by joining the Covenant of Mayors”
    Category: Financing schemes
    Description: Provision of funding to the signatories of the Covenant of Mayors “Fostering the energy environmental sustainability in the Sicily's municipalities by joining the Covenant of Mayors” From 31 of March until 30 September 2014 all Sicily's municipalities joining the Covenant of Mayors can submit the request for joining the grants provided by the Region of Sicily for the SEAP development. The Region of Sicily (Director General's Decree n. 412/2013), as officially acknowledged Covenant Territorial Coordinator (CTC), has taken the lead among the European local authorities by launching an unprecedented funding programme covering both the overall SEAP development’s expenses and its implementation by providing a package of subsidies made up of grant, revolving funds and guarantee funds potentially accessible to all the 390 Sicily's municipalities. At this stage all the Covenant signatories can apply to the funding programme that allocates funds to the local authorities for the SEAP's development. In the wake of the development of the new regional environmental and energy plan, in order to address and possibly exceed the burden sharing goals, the Region of Sicily has given local authorities an essential role in the overall energy policy planning and implementation, acknowledging the Covenant of Mayors as a key driver for mobilizing local stakeholders in sharing the efforts required to face the climate change challenges. In light of this the Region of Sicily has set a series of key points that features the attempt to adopt a coordinated approach to energy, economic development and environmental sustainability with local authorities at the front line: • year 2011 as mandatory baseline for the emission inventory (BEI); • SEAP's availability as eligibility criteria for the local authorities to access the 2014-2020 ERDF funding in the fields of renewable energy development and energy efficiency improvement; • provision of revolving funds and guarantee funds for the


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    Last updated at: 25 July 2016
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