Illustration Covenant Coordinators

Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Province of Barcelona


Country: Spain


Main contact:

Support provided to signatories

    Promote adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors
    • Dissemination of Covenant promotion materials (brochure, thematic leaflets, etc.)
    • Leverage of own communication tools (e.g. newsletter, website, mailing lists, etc.)
    • Organisation of events
    Provide financing to Covenant Signatories for the development of their BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Direct financial support: Budget allocated to the Covenant of Mayors in €?
      > from 2008 5-6M€
    • Direct financial support: Source (choose between: EU funding, national funding, own budget, private funding, other: please specify)
      > EU and own funding
    • Indirect support through staff assigned
    Provide technical support for the development of the BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Political and/or technical working group(s) set up
    • Development or adaptation of technical guidelines
    Facilitate exchange of experience between existing and potential Covenant Signatories
    • Creation of experience-sharing opportunities between signatories (e.g. Extranet, discussion forum, blogs, etc.)
    • Inclusion of the Covenant in the agenda of its working groups, committees or other relevant fora
    Defend the interests of the Covenant in order to facilitate the adhesion to the initiative and the implementation of its requirements
    • Cooperation with the media
    • Organisation of meetings with key stakeholders (e.g. national government representatives, private or banking sector)
    Local Energy days
    • Support to signatories for the organisation of their Local Energy Days
    • Organisation of Territorial Energy Days


    Title Size Language
    Evolution of GHG emissions in the Province of Barcelona151 Koenpdf
    Guidance to draft energy assessment visits58 Koenpdf
    Monitoring SEAP summary report653 Koenpdf

    Signatories Supported

    Signatories Population Adhesion Status
    Abrera, ES11,52127 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
    Aguilar de Segarra, ES257 9 Jul 2008Action Plans submitted
    Aiguafreda, ES2,505 7 Feb 2012Monitoring started
    Ajuntament de Vilobí del Penedès, ES1,103 5 Jun 2017Adhesion
    Alella, ES9,39725 Jun 2009Monitoring started
    Alpens, ES31123 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Arenys de Mar, ES14,68527 Feb 2009Monitoring started
    Arenys de Munt, ES8,19218 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
    Argençola, ES250 9 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
    Argentona, ES11,94416 Jul 2012Monitoring started
    Artés, ES5,433 4 Nov 2010Monitoring started
    Avià, ES2,20622 Jul 2008Action Plans submitted
    Badalona, ES215,32929 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Badia del Vallès, ES14,06429 Oct 2008Action Plans submitted
    Bagà, ES2,362 6 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    Balenyà, ES3,741 9 May 2013Monitoring started
    Balsareny, ES3,50031 May 2012Monitoring started
    Barbera del Valles, ES31,14426 Nov 2008Monitoring started
    Barcelona, ES1,604,55519 Nov 2008Monitoring started
    Begues, ES4,69728 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
    Berga, ES17,160 4 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
    Bigues i Riells, ES8,40131 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Borreda, ES61415 Sep 2009Monitoring started
    Cabrera d'Anoia, ES1,368 5 Mar 2012Action Plans submitted
    Cabrera de Mar, ES4,408 3 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Cabrils, ES6,96427 Nov 2008Monitoring started
    Calaf, ES3,52227 Apr 2012Monitoring started
    Calders, ES899 8 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Caldes d'Estrac, ES2,799 9 Mar 2009Monitoring started
    Caldes de Montbui, ES16,88530 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
    Calella, ES18,62731 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Calldetenes, ES2,43622 Mar 2012Monitoring started
    Callús, ES1,75930 Sep 2009Monitoring started
    Calonge de Segarra, ES200 6 Mar 2017Adhesion
    Canet de Mar, ES13,54828 May 2009Action Plans submitted
    CANOVELLES , ES15,90626 May 2016Adhesion
    Canyelles, ES4,10417 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
    Capellades, ES5,00020 Dec 2011Monitoring started
    CAPOLAT, ES93 6 Feb 2016Adhesion
    Cardedeu, ES16,59625 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Carme, ES83229 May 2009Action Plans submitted
    Casserres, ES1,59623 Dec 2013Action Plans submitted
    Castellar del Riu, ES14718 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
    Castellar del Vallès, ES23,00228 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Castellbisbal, ES12,267 3 Dec 2012Monitoring started
    Castelldefels, ES60,57212 Aug 2008Monitoring started
    Castellgalí, ES1,61128 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
    Castellnou del Bages, ES1,021 8 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Castellolí, ES55616 Dec 2008Monitoring started
    Castellterçol, ES2,37622 Nov 2011Monitoring started
    Castellví de la Marca, ES1,649 3 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
    Castellví de Rosanes, ES1,71917 Dec 2009Action Plans submitted
    Centelles, ES7,20929 Oct 2009Monitoring started
    Cercs, ES1,32015 May 2012Monitoring started
    Cerdanyola del Vallès, ES58,74724 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Cervelló, ES8,39330 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Collbató, ES4,04021 Sep 2009Monitoring started
    Collsuspina, ES306 3 Nov 2011Monitoring started
    Corbera de Llobregat, ES13,843 8 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Cornellà de Llobregat, ES86,51925 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Dosrius, ES5,12324 Feb 2011Monitoring started
    El Bruc, ES2,03021 Sep 2016Adhesion
    El Brull, ES255 4 Apr 2011Monitoring started
    El Papiol, ES3,90017 Jul 2008Action Plans submitted
    El Pla del Penedès, ES1,21526 Sep 2011Monitoring started
    El Prat de Llobregat, ES63,41817 Dec 2008Monitoring started
    Esplugues de Llobregat, ES46,86217 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Figaró-Montmany, ES1,05726 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Fogars de la Selva, ES1,43730 Jun 2008Monitoring started
    Fonollosa, ES1,43812 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    Font-rubí, ES1,36325 Apr 2017Adhesion
    Gavà, ES45,99419 May 2009Monitoring started
    Gelida, ES6,80123 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
    Gironella, ES5,01617 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
    Granollers, ES60,65829 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Guardiola de Berguedà, ES99817 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    GURB, ES2,57014 Jul 2014Action Plans submitted
    Hospitalet de Llobregat, ES257,03828 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Igualada, ES38,91821 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Jorba, ES82628 May 2013Monitoring started
    l'Ametlla del Vallès, ES8,11127 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
    L'Espunyola, ES26919 Jan 2011Action Plans submitted
    l'Esquirol, ES2,29329 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    L'Estany, ES39025 Nov 2009Monitoring started
    La Garriga, ES15,62630 May 2012Monitoring started
    LA GRANADA, ES2,05525 Jun 2013Monitoring started
    La Palma de Cervelló, ES3,05710 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    La Pobla de Lillet, ES1,24920 Oct 2010Monitoring started
    La Torre de Claramunt, ES3,76725 Jul 2016Adhesion
    Les Franqueses del Vallès, ES17,66024 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Les Masies de Voltregà, ES3,218 3 Dec 2009Monitoring started
    Lliçà d'Amunt, ES13,491 1 Jan 2009Monitoring started
    Lliçà de Vall, ES5,82123 Sep 2010Monitoring started
    LLINARS DEL VALLÈS, ES9,70025 Jan 2016Adhesion
    Malgrat de Mar, ES18,472 4 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Manlleu, ES20,64723 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Manresa, ES76,55820 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Martorell, ES26,68115 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
    Martorelles, ES4,92219 Feb 2009Monitoring started
    Masquefa, ES8,37311 Apr 2013Monitoring started
    Matadepera, ES8,81326 Mar 2012Monitoring started
    Mataró, ES121,746 3 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Mediona, ES2,36021 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Moià, ES5,713 4 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
    Molins de Rei, ES24,067 2 Dec 2009Monitoring started
    Mollet del Vallès, ES52,48424 Nov 2008Monitoring started
    Monistrol de Calders, ES68925 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Montcada i Reixac, ES33,45326 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
    Montesquiu, ES858 7 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Montgat, ES10,27026 Nov 2009Monitoring started
    Montmajor, ES472 5 Apr 2011Monitoring started
    Montmeló, ES8,95529 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Montornès del Vallès, ES15,509 5 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
    Montseny, ES320 5 Jan 2017Adhesion
    Navas, ES6,24331 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    ÒDENA, ES3,44211 Oct 2011Monitoring started
    Olèrdola, ES3,60126 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
    Olesa de Montserrat, ES23,98023 May 2013Monitoring started
    Olost, ES1,21711 May 2010Monitoring started
    Oris, ES301 3 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    ORISTÀ, ES54830 Mar 2016Action Plans submitted
    Pacs del Penedès, ES88027 Sep 2011Monitoring started
    Palafolls, ES8,90029 Jan 2012Monitoring started
    Palau-solità i Plegamans, ES14,07030 Apr 2009Monitoring started
    Pallejà, ES11,13430 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Parets del Vallès, ES17,500 3 Jul 2008Action Plans submitted
    Piera, ES14,57630 Mar 2011Monitoring started
    Pineda de Mar, ES25,93125 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Polinyà, ES7,67616 Oct 2010Action Plans submitted
    Prats de Lluçanès , ES2,722 6 Apr 2010Monitoring started
    Premià de Dalt, ES9,944 1 Feb 2010Monitoring started
    Premià de Mar, ES27,39920 Jan 2010Monitoring started
    Puig-Reig, ES4,30127 Jan 2011Action Plans submitted
    Pujalt, ES20316 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
    Rellinars, ES73026 Jun 2013Action Plans submitted
    Ripollet, ES37,08827 Nov 2008Action Plans submitted
    Roda de Ter, ES6,19819 Jun 2012Monitoring started
    Rubí, ES73,77830 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Sabadell, ES207,338 7 Oct 2008Action Plans submitted
    Saldes , ES32531 Mar 2011Action Plans submitted
    Sallent, ES7,08814 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Sant Adrià de Besòs, ES33,76123 Feb 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Andreu de la Barca, ES26,40126 Mar 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, ES9,74526 May 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, ES5,44418 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
    Sant Bartomeu del Grau, ES957 1 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Boi de Llobregat, ES82,42817 Nov 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Boi de Lluçanès, ES559 7 Mar 2013Monitoring started
    Sant Cebrià de Vallalta, ES3,40028 Dec 2011Monitoring started
    Sant Celoni, ES16,86011 Dec 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Climent de Llobregat, ES4,024 4 Dec 2013Action Plans submitted
    Sant Cugat del Vallès, ES79,25315 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues, ES932 8 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Esteve Sesrovires, ES7,20223 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Feliu de Llobregat, ES43,71526 Oct 2010Monitoring started
    Sant Fost de Campsentelles, ES8,777 8 Oct 2013Action Plans submitted
    Sant Fruitós de Bages, ES8,19414 Mar 2012Monitoring started
    Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, ES3,447 4 Mar 2010Monitoring started
    Sant Iscle de Vallalta, ES1,280 2 Nov 2010Monitoring started
    Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, ES10,77930 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Joan Despí, ES32,03024 Nov 2016Monitoring started
    Sant Julià de Vilatorta, ES3,11724 Apr 2013Monitoring started
    Sant Just Desvern, ES15,81131 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Llorenç d'Hortons, ES2,50026 Sep 2011Monitoring started
    Sant Martí de Centelles, ES1,10912 Jul 2012Monitoring started
    Sant Marti de Tous, ES1,16031 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Martí Sarroca, ES3,14229 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
    Sant Marti Sesgueioles, ES37129 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Pere de Ribes, ES29,14916 Nov 2010Monitoring started
    Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, ES2,37328 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
    Sant Pere de Torelló, ES2,389 7 Jul 2008Action Plans submitted
    Sant Pere de Vilamajor, ES4,256 2 Nov 2011Monitoring started
    Sant Pol de Mar, ES5,24131 Oct 2011Monitoring started
    Sant Quintí de Mediona, ES2,16711 Jun 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Quirze de Besora, ES2,06931 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Sant Quirze del Vallès, ES18,46225 Jun 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Quirze Safaja, ES63711 Jan 2017Adhesion
    Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, ES12,23726 Aug 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Salvador de Guardiola, ES3,082 5 Mar 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Vicenç de Castellet, ES9,30027 Nov 2013Monitoring started
    Sant Vicenç de Montalt, ES5,62727 May 2010Monitoring started
    Sant Vicenç de Torelló, ES1,99625 Mar 2009Monitoring started
    Sant Vicenc dels Horts, ES27,70119 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
    Santa Coloma de Cervelló, ES7,99623 Dec 2010Monitoring started
    Santa Coloma de Gramenet, ES119,71729 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Santa Eugènia de Berga, ES2,233 1 Aug 2014Action Plans submitted
    Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, ES6,80223 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
    Santa Fe del Penedès, ES384 3 Jan 2013Adhesion
    Santa Margarida de Montbui, ES9,83419 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
    Santa Margarida i els Monjos, ES7,00028 May 2012Action Plans submitted
    Santa Maria de Palautordera, ES8,82318 Jan 2010Monitoring started
    Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, ES25,04827 Nov 2008Monitoring started
    Santa Susanna, ES3,33831 Mar 2011Monitoring started
    Sentmenat, ES7,87026 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
    Seva, ES3,12516 Apr 2012Monitoring started
    Sitges, ES27,668 3 Nov 2008Action Plans submitted
    Sobremunt, ES8323 Nov 2015Action Plans submitted
    Sora, ES17311 Jul 2013Monitoring started
    Suria, ES6,21827 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    Tagamanent, ES329 6 Feb 2012Action Plans submitted
    Taradell, ES6,23812 May 2011Monitoring started
    Tavèrnoles, ES31527 May 2013Monitoring started
    Teià, ES6,154 4 Feb 2010Action Plans submitted
    Terrassa, ES210,94127 Nov 2008Monitoring started
    Tiana, ES7,590 9 Sep 2008Monitoring started
    Tona, ES8,10827 Jul 2011Monitoring started
    Tordera, ES16,31816 Jun 2010Monitoring started
    Torelló, ES13,80828 Jul 2008Monitoring started
    Torrelles de Foix, ES2,46327 Jul 2008Action Plans submitted
    Ullastrell, ES1,86428 Jul 2008Action Plans submitted
    Vacarisses, ES6,23131 Mar 2011Monitoring started
    Vallcebre, ES26721 Nov 2014Action Plans submitted
    Vallirana, ES14,67431 May 2012Monitoring started
    Vallromanes, ES2,28318 Mar 2010Monitoring started
    Vic, ES39,844 4 Aug 2008Monitoring started
    Viladecans, ES63,48923 Oct 2008Monitoring started
    Viladecavalls, ES7,41125 Apr 2013Monitoring started
    Vilafranca del Penedès , ES39,03517 Nov 2009Monitoring started
    Vilanova de Sau, ES336 7 May 2012Monitoring started
    Vilanova del Camí, ES12,64915 Sep 2008Action Plans submitted
    Vilanova del Vallès, ES5,02231 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Vilanova i la Geltrú, ES65,89028 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    Vilassar de Dalt, ES8,67223 Jul 2009Monitoring started
    Vilassar de Mar, ES19,48228 Jan 2010Monitoring started


    EURONET 50-50 European Network of Education Centre
    Category: Awareness raising
    Description: Education centres have a huge potential for energy savings and encourage more sustainable practices. Nevertheless, these buildings usually lack of a specific energy policy. With this in mind, Barcelona Provincial Council launched on May 2009 the Euronet 50/50 project that has received the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe program, engaging nine countries around Europe. The project seeks to apply the 50/50 methodology that has already been tested in many German schools to 50 educational centres, creating a European network of schools aiming for energy savings and fighting against climate change. A main objective is to help pupils and teachers to reduce energy use, mainly by changing some habits and practices. The purpose of 50/50 concept is to share economic incentives for saving energy between the schools and the manager of the school building (e.g. City Council). The basis of the 50/50 concept is that 50% of energy savings achieved from the energy efficiency measures taken by the pupils and teachers are returned through a financial payout. The other 50% of financial savings will be a net saving for the public authority that pays the bills. At least 50 primary schools will be engaged in the project benefiting from the methodology and the educational materials developed, from an energy audit carried out in every school and from a space in the network website to share best practices and interact with other schools.


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    Actions' execution on RE and EE in Barcelona en
    Monitoring SEAPs: proposal and first results en
    Energy assessment visits to municipal facilities as part of a SEAP en
    Low cost energy efficiency measures en
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