Illustration Covenant Coordinators

Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio Junta de Andalucía


Country: Spain


Main contact: Lidia Suárez Samadiego
Position: Energy Manager


The Regional Environmental Government of Andalusia, by means of the D.G for Climate Change and Urban Environment, will support the Covenant by giving technical assistance to municipalities of Andalusia through the Ciudad 21 Program and will promote the Covenant of Mayors in all of these municipalities.

Signatories Supported

Signatories Population Adhesion Status
Abla, ES1,50526 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Abrucena, ES1,35814 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Adamuz, ES4,47623 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Adra, ES23,195 1 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Agrón, ES34224 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Aguadulce, ES2,16923 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Alameda, ES5,42621 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Alanis de la Sierra, ES1,90028 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Albánchez de Mágina, ES1,32628 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Alboloduy, ES74531 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Albolote, ES18,08831 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Albox, ES11,271 4 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Albuñol, ES6,270 2 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Alcalá de Guadaíra, ES72,10019 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Alcalá de los Gazules, ES5,61930 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Alcalá del Río, ES9,31713 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Alcalá del Valle, ES5,300 2 Apr 2009Monitoring started
Alcalá la Real, ES22,12916 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Alcaudete, ES11,16419 Mar 2009Monitoring started
Alcolea, ES96631 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Alcolea del Río, ES3,33124 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Alcóntar, ES64713 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Aldeire, ES69628 Oct 2011Monitoring started
Alfacar, ES5,50817 Dec 2009Action Plans submitted
Alfarnate, ES1,36223 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Alfarnatejo, ES404 2 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Algámitas, ES1,33015 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Algar, ES1,54010 Aug 2009Monitoring started
Algarinejo, ES4,18411 May 2009Monitoring started
Algarrobo, ES6,14426 Mar 2009Monitoring started
Algatocín, ES951 3 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Algeciras, ES115,33313 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Alhama de Almería, ES3,58721 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Alhama de Granada, ES6,21428 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Alhaurín de la Torre, ES37,44619 Jan 2011Monitoring started
Alhaurin el Grande, ES21,77624 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Alhendín, ES5,20016 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Aljaraque, ES17,960 8 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Almáchar, ES1,89820 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Almadén de la Plata, ES1,69614 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Almargen, ES2,10628 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Almegíjar, ES43510 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Almensilla, ES5,09621 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Almería, ES175,000 5 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Almócita, ES15812 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Almonte, ES21,782 8 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Álora, ES13,49925 Oct 2012Adhesion
Alosno, ES4,381 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Alozaina, ES2,23613 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Alpandeire, ES27121 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Andújar, ES38,76915 Oct 2009Action Plans submitted
Antas de Almería, ES3,22316 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Antequera, ES44,03212 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Aracena, ES7,61219 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Arahal, ES19,58515 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Arboleas, ES3,90414 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Árchez, ES43719 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Archidona, ES8,50014 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Arcos de la Frontera, ES29,90527 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Ardales, ES2,60020 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Arenas, ES1,41128 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Arenas del Rey, ES2,20211 May 2009Monitoring started
Arjona, ES5,826 9 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Arjonilla, ES3,83729 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
Armilla, ES15,40411 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Armuña de Almanzora, ES33312 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Aroche, ES3,40031 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Arquillos, ES1,96710 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Arroyo del Ojanco, ES2,49022 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Arroyomolinos de León, ES1,040 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Atajate, ES15428 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Ayamonte, ES20,33430 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Aznalcázar, ES3,90018 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Aznalcóllar, ES6,168 9 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Badolatosa, ES3,23811 Nov 2011Monitoring started
Baeza, ES16,16625 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Bailén, ES18,20227 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Balanegra, ES2,544 8 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Baños de la Encina, ES2,71624 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Barbate, ES22,85123 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Bayárcal, ES30310 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Baza, ES21,40727 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Beas, ES4,29314 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Beas de Granada, ES1,06916 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Beas de Guadix, ES38012 Dec 2013Adhesion
Beas de Segura, ES5,57923 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Bedmar y Garcíez, ES3,18515 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Begíjar, ES3,109 5 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
Bélmez de la Moraleda, ES1,752 5 Oct 2010Action Plans submitted
Benacazón, ES6,10323 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Benadalid, ES26516 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Benahadux, ES3,20526 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Benalauría, ES50010 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Benalúa de Guadix, ES3,11125 May 2009Monitoring started
Benalup-Casas Viejas, ES7,15117 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Benamargosa, ES1,60819 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Benamaurel , ES2,38228 Nov 2011Monitoring started
Benaocaz, ES72927 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Benaoján, ES1,61226 Feb 2010Action Plans submitted
Benarrabá, ES600 9 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Benatae, ES54521 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Benitagla, ES6521 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Benizalón, ES30831 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Bentarique, ES27527 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Berja, ES14,249 7 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Berrocal, ES37613 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Bollullos del Condado, ES13,89112 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Bonares, ES6,01531 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Bornos, ES8,13421 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Brenes, ES12,69629 Sep 2011Monitoring started
Bujalance, ES7,94121 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Burguillos, ES3,284 1 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Cabezas Rubias, ES86513 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Cabra, ES19,52323 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Cádiz, ES126,76621 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Cájar, ES4,69025 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Cala, ES1,310 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Calañas, ES4,355 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Camas, ES25,70629 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Cambil, ES2,96815 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Campillos, ES7,76026 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Campofrío, ES81814 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Campotéjar, ES1,36230 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Cañada Rosal, ES3,08516 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Cañaveral de León, ES439 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Canena, ES2,09229 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Cañete de las Torres, ES3,21123 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Caniles, ES4,84911 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Canillas de Aceituno, ES2,30026 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Canjáyar, ES1,573 7 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Cantillana, ES9,41129 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Carboneras, ES7,26711 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Carboneros, ES67114 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Carmona, ES27,22124 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Carrión de los Céspedes, ES2,27430 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Cartajima, ES25030 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Cártama, ES21,31314 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Cartaya, ES17,905 5 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Casabermeja, ES3,20028 Jan 2010Action Plans submitted
Casarabonela, ES2,50029 Jan 2010Action Plans submitted
Casares, ES4,05119 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Casariche, ES5,60214 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Castaño del Robledo, ES222 5 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Castellar de la Frontera , ES2,87410 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Castilblanco de los Arroyos, ES5,08927 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Castilleja de Guzmán, ES2,51222 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Castilleja de la Cuesta, ES17,50524 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Castilleja del Campo, ES65021 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Castilléjar, ES1,564 6 Jul 2012Monitoring started
Castillo de Locubín, ES5,00014 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Castril, ES2,45130 Dec 2011Monitoring started
Castro de Filabres, ES16326 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Cazalilla, ES88914 Sep 2010Action Plans submitted
Cazalla de la Sierra, ES5,153 5 Aug 2009Monitoring started
Cazorla, ES8,15111 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Cenes de la Vega, ES6,37226 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Chauchina, ES4,813 8 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Chercos, ES295 4 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Chiclana de la Frontera, ES77,29317 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Chilluevar, ES1,594 4 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Chimeneas, ES1,45627 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Chipiona, ES18,44726 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Chirivel, ES1,83728 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Chucena, ES2,00012 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Churriana de la Vega, ES12,90217 Apr 2012Action Plans submitted
Cijuela, ES2,00920 Apr 2009Monitoring started
Cóbdar, ES210 4 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Coín, ES21,86625 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Colmenar, ES3,384 3 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Comares, ES1,52228 Oct 2009Action Plans submitted
Cómpeta, ES3,60022 Jan 2010Action Plans submitted
Conil de la Frontera, ES20,98426 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Constantina, ES6,61213 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Córdoba, ES325,45322 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Coria del Río, ES25,00018 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Coripe, ES1,43616 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Corteconcepción, ES615 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Cortegana, ES4,965 8 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Cortelazor, ES311 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Cortes de Baza, ES2,335 5 May 2009Monitoring started
Cortes y Graena, ES1,02319 Sep 2014Adhesion
Cuevas Bajas, ES1,60029 Jan 2010Action Plans submitted
Cuevas de San Marcos, ES4,00019 Feb 2010Action Plans submitted
Cuevas del Almanzora, ES11,48429 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Cuevas del Campo, ES2,07311 May 2009Monitoring started
Cúllar Vega, ES5,55630 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Cumbres de Enmedio, ES58 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Cumbres de San Bartolomé, ES465 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Cumbres Mayores, ES2,018 2 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Cútar, ES700 4 Dec 2009Action Plans submitted
Dalías, ES4,01911 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Deifontes, ES2,56729 Nov 2011Monitoring started
Dólar, ES618 9 Sep 2011Monitoring started
Dúrcal, ES7,302 6 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Écija, ES40,10023 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Almendro, ES86014 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
El Borge, ES1,00026 Dec 2009Monitoring started
El Bosque, ES2,09830 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
El Burgo, ES2,04929 Oct 2009Monitoring started
El Campillo, ES2,23714 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
El Carpio, ES4,47717 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
El Castillo de las Guardas, ES1,627 3 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Cerro de Andévalo, ES2,503 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
El Coronil, ES5,04810 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Cuervo de Sevilla, ES8,00017 Sep 2009Monitoring started
El Ejido, ES68,828 1 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
El Garrobo, ES78610 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Gastor, ES1,94817 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
El Granado, ES598 5 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
El Madroño, ES36713 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Palmar de Troya, ES2,44722 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Pedroso, ES2,32416 Sep 2009Monitoring started
El Puerto de Santa María, ES86,288 5 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
El Real de la Jara, ES1,649 8 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Ronquillo, ES1,38116 Sep 2009Monitoring started
El Rubio, ES3,58429 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Saucejo, ES4,37928 Jul 2009Monitoring started
El Valle, ES1,130 8 May 2009Monitoring started
El Viso del Alcor, ES17,19422 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Encinasola, ES1,584 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Entidad Local Autónoma de Domingo Pérez, ES96324 Sep 2013Adhesion
Escacena del Campo, ES2,156 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Escañuela, ES98824 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Espartinas, ES13,00022 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Espeluy, ES75815 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Espera, ES4,00521 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Estepa, ES12,29618 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Felix, ES534 3 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Ferreira, ES34229 Oct 2010Monitoring started
Fiñana, ES2,44217 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Fines, ES2,03217 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Fondón, ES93410 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Frailes, ES1,90014 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Freila, ES1,03911 May 2009Monitoring started
Fuensanta de Martos, ES3,28622 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Fuente Obejuna, ES5,40917 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Fuente Vaqueros, ES4,32712 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Fuenteheridos, ES630 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Fuentes de Andalucía, ES7,358 3 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Fuerte del Rey, ES1,35418 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Gádor, ES2,959 6 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Galaroza, ES1,631 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Galera, ES1,13530 Nov 2011Monitoring started
Gelves, ES9,49728 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Génave, ES56519 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Gerena, ES7,01430 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Gérgal, ES1,042 3 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Gibraleón, ES12,258 9 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Gilena, ES3,89828 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Gines, ES13,39716 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Gójar, ES4,94629 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Granada, ES236,20727 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Grazalema, ES2,22721 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Guadahortuna, ES1,99913 May 2009Monitoring started
Guadalcanal, ES2,97017 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Guadix, ES20,37527 Mar 2012Action Plans submitted
Guarromán, ES2,90914 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
Güevéjar, ES2,15417 Mar 2009Monitoring started
Guillena, ES10,65428 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Herrera, ES6,34223 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Higuera de la Sierra, ES1,425 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Hinojales, ES338 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Hinojares, ES50115 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Hinojos, ES3,59114 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Hinojosa del Duque, ES7,54619 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Hornos de Segura, ES65715 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Huelma, ES6,180 6 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Huelva, ES147,10025 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Huéneja, ES1,22213 May 2009Monitoring started
Huércal de Almería, ES11,128 9 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Huércal-Overa, ES16,156 5 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Huesa, ES2,72730 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Huéscar, ES8,22617 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Huetor Tajar, ES10,13414 Mar 2012Action Plans submitted
Huétor Vega, ES11,85330 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Huévar del Aljarafe, ES2,45724 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Ibros, ES3,14814 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Igualeja, ES95823 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Illora, ES10,440 2 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Isla Cristina, ES21,32414 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Isla Mayor, ES5,79829 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Istán, ES1,42215 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Iznalloz, ES7,15017 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Iznate, ES92716 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Iznatoraf, ES1,12423 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Jabalquinto, ES2,422 7 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
Jabugo, ES2,52230 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Jamilena, ES3,48511 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Jayena, ES1,15129 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Jerez de la Frontera, ES207,532 5 Jun 2009Adhesion
Jerez del Marquesado, ES1,099 7 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Jimena de la Frontera, ES10,33016 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Jódar, ES12,11920 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Jubrique, ES80011 Feb 2010Action Plans submitted
Júzcar, ES16015 Dec 2009Monitoring started
La Algaba, ES13,76416 Sep 2009Monitoring started
La Campana, ES5,23627 Aug 2009Monitoring started
La Carlota, ES11,90624 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
La Carolina, ES15,57610 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
La Granada de Río Tinto, ES207 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
La Guardia de Jaén, ES4,06111 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
La Iruela, ES1,98922 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
La Línea de la Concepción, ES64,240 5 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
La Malahá, ES1,87316 Apr 2010Monitoring started
La Mojonera, ES7,84827 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
La Nava, ES288 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
La Palma del Condado, ES10,618 9 Jan 2009Monitoring started
La Peza, ES1,29327 Mar 2013Adhesion
La Puebla de Cazalla, ES10,729 2 Jul 2009Monitoring started
La Puebla de los Infantes, ES3,26513 Aug 2009Monitoring started
La Puerta de Segura, ES2,63828 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
La Rambla, ES7,41021 Feb 2010Action Plans submitted
La Rinconada, ES37,50817 Jul 2009Monitoring started
La Roda de Andalucía, ES4,419 3 Jul 2009Monitoring started
La Tahá, ES79028 Apr 2009Monitoring started
La Zubia, ES15,81929 Oct 2009Action Plans submitted
Lantejuela, ES3,89910 Aug 2011Monitoring started
Laroya, ES14015 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Larva, ES47818 Jan 2010Action Plans submitted
Las Cabezas de San Juan, ES16,139 8 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Las Gabias, ES14,44829 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Las Marismillas, ES1,61922 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Las Navas de la Concepción, ES1,83111 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Las Tres Villas, ES58724 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Laujar de Andarax, ES1,798 7 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Lebrija, ES24,86615 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Lepe, ES25,886 5 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Linares, ES61,45211 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Linares de la Sierra, ES311 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Loja, ES22,13716 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Lopera, ES4,008 6 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Lora de Estepa, ES831 9 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Lora del Río, ES19,07727 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Los Barrios, ES21,97713 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Los Corrales, ES4,080 6 Jun 2008Monitoring started
Los Gallardos, ES2,88724 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Los Marines, ES35814 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Los Molares, ES2,497 7 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Los Palacios y Villafranca, ES35,22526 Aug 2009Monitoring started
Los Villares, ES5,97422 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Lucena del Puerto, ES2,86214 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Lupión, ES1,00931 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Macael, ES6,055 8 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Macharaviaya, ES400 9 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Mairena del Alcor, ES19,750 7 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Mairena del Aljarafe, ES38,51016 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Málaga, ES568,30518 Nov 2008Monitoring started
Mancha Real, ES10,68512 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Manilva, ES14,16817 Mar 2011Monitoring started
Manzanilla, ES2,403 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Maracena, ES18,81911 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Marbella, ES136,32225 Nov 2011Monitoring started
Marchal, ES40423 Apr 2009Monitoring started
Marchena, ES20,00030 Jul 2009Monitoring started
María, ES1,56528 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Marinaleda, ES2,81928 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Martin de la Jara, ES2,73717 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Martos, ES24,73922 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
Medina Sidonia, ES11,78019 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Mengibar, ES9,57221 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Mijas, ES53,55527 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Minas de Riotinto, ES4,56714 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Moclín, ES4,20528 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Moclinejo, ES4,14629 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Moguer, ES19,569 7 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Mojácar, ES6,09224 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Mollina, ES5,27422 Sep 2011Monitoring started
Montecorto, ES650 9 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Montefrío, ES6,357 1 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Montejícar, ES2,44224 Jan 2012Monitoring started
Montellano, ES7,14629 Jul 2011Monitoring started
Montilla, ES23,245 1 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Montoro, ES9,69023 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Morón de la Frontera, ES30,00017 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Motril, ES60,00022 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Murtas, ES65823 Oct 2011Monitoring started
Nacimiento, ES46730 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Navas de San Juan, ES5,04711 Mar 2011Action Plans submitted
Nerva, ES5,94423 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Nevada, ES1,20113 May 2009Monitoring started
Niebla, ES3,933 5 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Nigüelas, ES1,13629 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Níjar, ES24,435 3 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Nueva Carteya, ES5,679 9 Mar 2011Action Plans submitted
Ogíjares, ES12,50625 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Ohanes, ES79517 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Ojén, ES2,49124 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Olivares, ES9,56319 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Olula del Río, ES6,35828 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Orce, ES1,37011 May 2009Monitoring started
Orcera, ES2,07025 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Órgiva, ES5,574 2 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Oria, ES2,48810 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Osuna, ES17,800 3 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Otura, ES6,59818 Mar 2011Action Plans submitted
Padul, ES8,22427 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Padules, ES504 6 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Palomares del Río, ES7,35323 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Palos de la Frontera, ES9,04314 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Paradas, ES7,02725 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Partaloa, ES61119 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Paterna de Rivera, ES5,35423 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Paterna del Campo, ES3,82413 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Paterna del Río, ES39619 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Paymogo, ES1,306 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Peal de Becerro, ES5,47015 Oct 2009Action Plans submitted
Pechina, ES3,46326 Feb 2010Action Plans submitted
Pedrera, ES5,50017 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Pedro Abad, ES2,93416 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Pegalajar, ES3,15022 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Peligros, ES11,02116 Apr 2012Action Plans submitted
Peñaflor, ES3,74030 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Periana, ES3,50018 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Pilas, ES13,38617 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Polícar, ES22925 Sep 2012Adhesion
Polopos, ES1,70231 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Porcuna, ES6,82530 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Pozo Alcón, ES5,49626 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Pruna, ES3,00628 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Puebla de Don Fadrique, ES2,53526 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Puebla de Guzmán, ES3,19914 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Puente Génave, ES2,222 5 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Puente Genil, ES30,03323 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Puerto Moral, ES28714 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Puerto Real, ES40,183 2 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Puerto Serrano, ES6,85226 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Pulianas, ES5,14325 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
Pulpí, ES9,09713 Mar 2009Monitoring started
Punta Umbría, ES14,708 8 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Purchena, ES1,73620 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Quesada, ES5,93820 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Rioja, ES308,96824 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Rociana del Condado, ES7,34114 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Ronda, ES36,82724 Apr 2009Monitoring started
Roquetas de Mar, ES65,88620 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Rosal de la Frontera, ES1,807 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Rota, ES28,90416 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Rubite, ES50020 Dec 2013Adhesion
Rus, ES3,801 2 Feb 2010Action Plans submitted
Rute, ES10,30911 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Salteras, ES4,14230 Sep 2009Monitoring started
San Bartolomé de la Torre, ES2,951 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
San Fernando, ES96,36626 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
San José del Valle, ES4,21015 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
San Juan de Aznalfarache, ES20,12115 Jul 2009Monitoring started
San Juan del Puerto, ES8,04922 Dec 2008Monitoring started
San Nicolás del Puerto, ES68828 Jul 2009Monitoring started
San Roque, ES29,24929 Sep 2010Action Plans submitted
San Silvestre de Guzmán, ES75412 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, ES65,80530 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Sanlúcar de Guadiana, ES37014 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Sanlúcar la Mayor, ES11,94513 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Santa Ana la Real, ES519 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Santa Bárbara de Casa, ES1,188 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Santa Elena, ES1,03213 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Santa Fe, ES15,36724 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Santa Fe de Mondújar, ES437 6 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Santa Olalla del Cala, ES2,164 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Santaella, ES6,18216 Mar 2011Adhesion
Santiago de Calatrava, ES83830 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Santiago-Pontones, ES4,13124 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Santiponce, ES7,74220 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Santisteban del Puerto, ES4,92323 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Santo Tomé, ES2,27617 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Sayalonga, ES1,56012 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Sedella, ES50030 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Segura de la sierra, ES2,05430 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Serón, ES2,42217 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Setenil de las Bodegas, ES3,01631 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Sevilla, ES703,20617 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Sierra de Yeguas, ES3,60029 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Siles, ES2,45117 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Somontín, ES51510 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Sorbas, ES2,83610 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Sorihuela de Guadalimar, ES1,36729 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Suflí, ES26030 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Tabernas, ES3,49422 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Taberno, ES1,08520 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Tarifa, ES17,79327 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Teba, ES4,278 3 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Tíjola, ES3,82028 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Tocina, ES9,114 9 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Tolox, ES2,33621 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Torre Alháquime, ES87728 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Torredelcampo, ES14,627 9 Dec 2009Action Plans submitted
Torredonjimeno, ES14,07429 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Torrenueva, ES2,61729 May 2009Monitoring started
Torreperogil, ES7,22527 Jan 2012Action Plans submitted
Torres, ES1,66323 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Torres de Albanchez, ES97229 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Torrox, ES18,27425 Feb 2013Adhesion
Totalán, ES650 4 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Trebujena, ES6,893 1 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Trigueros, ES7,584 8 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Turón, ES32515 Apr 2009Monitoring started
Turre, ES3,264 4 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Úbeda, ES35,64919 Oct 2009Action Plans submitted
Ubrique, ES17,36229 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Umbrete, ES7,69831 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Urrácal, ES35324 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Utrera, ES50,09821 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Valdepeñas de Jaén, ES4,19811 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Valderrubio, ES2,17030 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Valencina de la Concepción, ES7,875 2 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Valle de Abdalajís, ES2,95529 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Valverde del Camino, ES12,78015 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Vegas del Genil, ES9,70130 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Vejer de la Frontera, ES12,776 9 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Velefique, ES26119 Aug 2009Action Plans submitted
Vélez Blanco, ES2,126 9 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Vélez de Benaudalla, ES2,93615 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Vélez Rubio, ES7,037 6 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Vera, ES13,98528 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Viator, ES3,95024 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Vícar, ES20,22018 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Vilches, ES5,00730 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Villa del Río, ES7,43330 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Villablanca, ES2,732 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Villacarrillo, ES10,90229 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Villafranca de Córdoba, ES4,07430 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Villalba del Alcor, ES3,52715 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Villaluenga del Rosario, ES47929 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Villamanrique de la Condesa, ES3,93622 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Villamartín, ES12,29126 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Villanueva de Algaidas, ES4,20030 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Villanueva de Córdoba, ES9,800 2 Apr 2009Action Plans submitted
Villanueva de las Cruces, ES416 2 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Villanueva de los Castillejos, ES2,677 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Villanueva de San Juan, ES1,40929 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Villanueva del Ariscal, ES5,51113 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Villanueva del Arzobispo, ES8,64618 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Villanueva del Río y Minas, ES5,23718 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Villanueva del Trabuco, ES5,482 4 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Villanueva Mesía, ES2,166 5 Jun 2009Monitoring started
Villardompardo, ES1,11116 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
Villarrasa, ES2,092 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Villarrodrigo, ES510 4 Nov 2009Action Plans submitted
Villatorres, ES4,44514 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Villaverde del Río, ES6,685 7 Aug 2009Monitoring started
Yunquera, ES3,28425 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Zafarraya, ES2,15927 Apr 2009Monitoring started
Zahara de la Sierra, ES1,55614 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Zalamea la Real, ES3,477 7 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Zufre, ES973 8 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted


The Andalusian Governmente analyzes over 13000 luminaries in ten locations to red
Category: Methods and tools
Description: The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment developed a pilot project to study the lighting in ten Andalusian towns with population levels between 1000 and 60000. The study, which analyzed 13,178 streetlights, whose main objective is to reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption, billing municipal, minimize the impact on biodiversity and astronomical observations. Light pollution also disrupts the sleep cycle of people, with negative implications for their health. These councils must adapt their lighting under the Regulation on Protection of the Night Sky. In order to make it easier for municipalities to adapt their facilities considering environmental criteria, in addition to the legal, technical and economic, the Department has conducted this pilot scheme.
Signatories involved: Pulpí, Gérgal, Conil de la Frontera, Cabra, Beas de Granada, Segura de la Sierra, Linares de la Sierra, Algarrobo, Alcalá de Guadaíra and Marchena.


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