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Covenant Supporters are defined as not-for-profit organisations (associations of local and regional authorities, networks, thematic agencies …) with the capacity to promote the Covenant of Mayors and to mobilise and support their members and/or local authorities to reach the Covenant of Mayors’ objectives.

They take action on their territories and areas of expertise (e.g. energy, environment, water, air), and at different levels of governance (e.g. European, national, and regional/local) to promote the Covenant of Mayors initiative and support the commitments of their signatories. With expert knowledge of the regulatory, legislative and financial framework under which they operate - be it at the local/regional, national or European level – Covenant Supporters are ideally placed to provide tailored advice to signatories and identify synergies with existing initiatives.

ALI Comunimolisani


Country: Italy


Main contact: Raffaele Malatesta
Position: Coordinatore ALI ComuniMolisani

Signatories Supported

Signatories Population Adhesion Status
Acquaviva Collecroce, IT674 1 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Baranello, IT2,68624 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Bojano, IT8,20424 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Bonefro, IT1,55315 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Busso, IT1,333 1 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Campobasso, IT48,48726 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Campochiaro, IT66029 Aug 2011Adhesion
Campodipietra, IT2,55625 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Campolieto, IT97330 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Campomarino, IT7,13230 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Casacalenda, IT2,23625 Sep 2012Adhesion
Casalciprano, IT56929 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Castelbottaccio, IT36327 Jun 2012Adhesion
Castellino del Biferno, IT575 4 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Castelmauro, IT1,66123 Jun 2011Adhesion
Castropignano, IT99922 Oct 2014Adhesion
Cercemaggiore, IT4,06130 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Cercepiccola, IT70329 Sep 2010Action Plans submitted
Civitacampomarano, IT56830 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Colle d'Anchise, IT81230 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Colletorto, IT2,145 2 Oct 2012Adhesion
Duronia, IT465 3 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
Ferrazzano, IT3,28226 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Fossalto, IT1,40817 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Gambatesa, IT1,48129 Nov 2014Adhesion
Gildone, IT85230 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Guardialfiera, IT1,16830 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Guardiaregia, IT78121 Dec 2011Adhesion
Guglionesi, IT53924 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Jelsi, IT1,80422 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Larino, IT7,13113 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Limosano, IT81426 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Lucito, IT76321 Dec 2010Adhesion
Lupara, IT53127 Jan 2011Action Plans submitted
Macchia Valfortore, IT60726 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Mafalda, IT1,23621 Sep 2012Adhesion
Matrice, IT1,10527 Jan 2011Action Plans submitted
Mirabello Sannitico, IT2,18827 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Molise, IT177 9 Mar 2013Adhesion
Monacilioni, IT54811 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Montagano, IT1,14727 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Montecilfone, IT1,39513 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Montefalcone nel Sannio, IT1,61918 Sep 2010Action Plans submitted
Montelongo, IT37524 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Montemitro, IT43625 Jun 2013Adhesion
Montenero di Bisaccia, IT6,73429 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Montorio nei Fentani, IT44630 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Morrone del Sannio, IT62723 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Oratino, IT1,61828 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Palata, IT1,76221 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Petacciato, IT3,67729 Oct 2012Adhesion
Petrella Tifernina, IT1,20826 Nov 2010Adhesion
Pietracatella, IT1,41722 Dec 2011Action Plans submitted
Pietracupa, IT23125 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Portocannone, IT2,54915 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Provvidenti, IT11826 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Riccia, IT5,38317 Nov 2010Monitoring started
Ripabottoni, IT52819 Dec 2013Adhesion
Ripalimosani, IT3,06230 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Roccavivara, IT78716 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
Rotello, IT1,20827 Sep 2012Adhesion
Salcito, IT730 8 Oct 2012Adhesion
San Biase, IT20927 Sep 2012Adhesion
San Felice del Molise, IT67423 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
San Giacomo degli Schiavoni, IT1,42523 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
San Giovanni in Galdo, IT62329 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
San Giuliano del Sannio, IT1,02611 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
San Giuliano di Puglia, IT1,05028 Sep 2012Action Plans submitted
San Martino in Pensilis, IT4,814 2 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
San Massimo, IT85929 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
San Polo Matese, IT458 9 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Sant'Angelo Limosano, IT35629 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Sant'Elia a Pianisi, IT1,905 8 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Santa Croce di Magliano, IT4,72729 Nov 2013Adhesion
Sepino, IT2,00227 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Spinete, IT1,37228 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Tavenna, IT78830 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Termoli, IT33,19429 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Torella del Sannio, IT80813 Mar 2013Adhesion
Toro, IT1,43028 Apr 2011Action Plans submitted
Trivento, IT4,77031 Oct 2012Adhesion
Tufara, IT1,01216 Nov 2013Adhesion
Ururi, IT2,77711 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Vinchiaturo, IT3,25021 Nov 2012Adhesion
Last updated at: 2 February 2015
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