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Covenant Supporters are defined as not-for-profit organisations (associations of local and regional authorities, networks, thematic agencies …) with the capacity to promote the Covenant of Mayors and to mobilise and support their members and/or local authorities to reach the Covenant of Mayors’ objectives.

They take action on their territories and areas of expertise (e.g. energy, environment, water, air), and at different levels of governance (e.g. European, national, and regional/local) to promote the Covenant of Mayors initiative and support the commitments of their signatories. With expert knowledge of the regulatory, legislative and financial framework under which they operate - be it at the local/regional, national or European level – Covenant Supporters are ideally placed to provide tailored advice to signatories and identify synergies with existing initiatives.

Association 'Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine'


Executive director:Andriy Kyrchiv
Country: Ukraine


Main contact: Oleh Harasevych
Position: Project and program manager
Phone: +38 032 245 5262


Association 'Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine' is a voluntary NGO, created to facilitate the promotion of energy efficient principles among it's member municipalities. Organisation focuses on transforming existing local economies into sustainable communities with an emphasis on exchange of  information, useful ideas and experience, new technologies and managerial know-how in resources allocation. Association builds it's relations with key stakeholders on a local level to help communities in achieving their energy security, preserving the environment, improving  quality of life of the local resindents and continuing along the path of a true sustainable development.


Title Size Language
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Signatories Supported

Signatories Population Adhesion Status
Alchevsk, UA110,52920 Sep 2012Adhesion
Artemivsk (Bachmut), UA80,65512 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Artsyz, UA14,85923 Dec 2016Adhesion
Berdyansk, UA117,37412 Jul 2013Monitoring started
Bibrka, UA4,217 4 Jan 2013Adhesion
Burshtyn, UA15,586 9 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
Cherkasy, UA287,00015 Mar 2012Action Plans submitted
Chortkiv, UA29,16930 Mar 2016Action Plans submitted
Chuguiv , UA33,21830 May 2014Action Plans submitted
Dolyna, UA20,69612 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Dubno , UA36,70026 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
Gorlivka, UA258,87931 Jan 2014Adhesion
Hola Prystan, UA15,001 7 Feb 2014Monitoring started
Ivano-Frankivsk, UA240,00029 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Izmail, UA72,47128 Apr 2016Action Plans submitted
Kamianka-Buzka, UA11,70022 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
Kamyanets-Podilsky, UA98,95323 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Kaniv, UA25,200 4 Sep 2015Action Plans submitted
Kherson, UA324,25614 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Kirovohrad, UA242,90018 Dec 2013Adhesion
Korop, UA5,50529 Jan 2013Action Plans submitted
Korosten, UA65,00020 Oct 2010Monitoring started
Kovel, UA68,27912 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Kramatorsk, UA157,627 3 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
Kryvyi Rih, UA667,90028 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Kuznetsovsk, UA42,00025 Sep 2014Action Plans submitted
Lutsk, UA212,00013 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Lviv, UA758,35112 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Mena, UA12,23113 Feb 2013Monitoring started
Mogyliv-Podilsky, UA32,26617 Dec 2009Adhesion
Mykolaiv, UA494,58812 Apr 2017Adhesion
Myrhorod, UA41,30021 Sep 2012Action Plans submitted
Nosivka, UA14,00025 Dec 2015Adhesion
Novohrad-Volynskyi, UA56,30017 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Novovolynsk, UA58,040 8 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
Novoyavorivsk, UA28,807 8 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
Ovruch, UA16,42925 Jul 2017Adhesion
Pervomaisk, UA67,80015 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Pryluky, UA64,90025 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Reni, UA18,96523 Dec 2016Adhesion
Rivne, UA250,20526 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
Rubizhne, UA59,951 1 Mar 2017Adhesion
Sambir, UA35,05427 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
Slavuta, UA35,44228 Jan 2011Action Plans submitted
Slavutych, UA25,00614 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Ternopil, UA216,502 6 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
Tokmak, UA32,17118 May 2017Adhesion
Tysmenytsia, UA9,618 8 Feb 2017Adhesion
Velyki Mosty , UA6,03726 Mar 2013Action Plans submitted
Vinnytsia , UA370,100 1 Jul 2011Monitoring started
Volodymyrets, UA9,27222 Jun 2017Adhesion
Voznesensk, UA42,63413 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Vyshneve, UA50,46521 Dec 2017Adhesion
Yevpatoria, UA123,45631 Aug 2012Action Plans submitted
Zaporizhia, UA766,66229 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
Zhmerinka, UA35,50010 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Zhovkva, UA13,316 7 Dec 2012Monitoring started
Zhytomyr, UA272,00021 Jun 2012Action Plans submitted


Association 'Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine'
Category: Awareness raising
Description: Our awareness raising campaigns, informational support, seminars, workshops, consulting sessions and projects help our members to: * develop more effective institutional frameworks within local communities and implement efficient approaches to managing energy consumption, supply and production; * broaden relevant communication, meet new partners to share experience and ideas with; * partake in national policy-making pertaining to the implementation of European initiatives for energy security, sustainable development and environmental protection. We are confident that: * local authorities have all it takes to become more active in assuring sustainable development of their respective countries, if only due to the fact that a major part of a country's energy is consumed within the urban landscape; * improving energy efficiency along with the use of renewable energy sources is the only way to mitigate climate change and help urban energy demand meet adequate supply in the years to come; * joint, coordinated efforts in improving resource allocation allows local communities to advance forward in a more confident, more effective manner. Our main partners include: * Minister for Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine * National Agency of Ukraine for Efficient Use of Energy Resource * Association of Ukrainian Cities * Association of European local authorities 'Enegie-Cites' WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!


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Last updated at: 21 December 2016
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