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Covenant Supporters are defined as not-for-profit organisations (associations of local and regional authorities, networks, thematic agencies …) with the capacity to promote the Covenant of Mayors and to mobilise and support their members and/or local authorities to reach the Covenant of Mayors’ objectives.

They take action on their territories and areas of expertise (e.g. energy, environment, water, air), and at different levels of governance (e.g. European, national, and regional/local) to promote the Covenant of Mayors initiative and support the commitments of their signatories. With expert knowledge of the regulatory, legislative and financial framework under which they operate - be it at the local/regional, national or European level – Covenant Supporters are ideally placed to provide tailored advice to signatories and identify synergies with existing initiatives.

Polish Network Energie Cités (PNEC)


President:Zbigniew Michniowski
Country: Poland


Main contact: Anna Jaskuła
Position: Director
Phone: +48 12 429 17 93


Polish Network Energie Cites (PNEC) is supporting Polish Covenant Signatories and candidates for Signatories through assisting them in contacts with the COMO and by providing them with know-how, information and relevant documents concerning the SEAPs elaboration and joining the "bench-mark of excellence" initiative. Since the day of its adhesion, PNEC has been very actively promoting COM initiatives through publications and articles in profesional magazines as well as through presentations and information transfer during regional and international events, such as: 1. International Conference “COVENANT OF MAYORS ‒ European initiative for climate protection”, Krakow, 28-29 May 2009; 2. „Imagine the energetic future of your county"; exhibition and conference; Bielsko-Biała, August 31, 2009; 3. VII Congress of Polish Cities focused on quality of municipal services; PNEC organized a special session: European programs for climate protection – improvement of quality of life in cities (municipal energy policy); Gniezno, 25th September 2009; 4. Open Days - European Week of Regions and Cities; October 5-8, Brussels; 5. Meeting of the Committee of the Regions - Adaptation to climate change: local and regional policy in the European and national context; Toruń, October 20, 2009.


GOOD ENERGY Poster Exhibition
Category: Other
Description: The Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités”  (PNEC) as a Supporter of the Covenant Initiative in Poland promotes it countrywide and encourages new municipalities to join.  Therefore, it has prepared a poster exhibition entitled “Good energy” presenting the most interesting activities in the field of efficient energy management implemented by 9 Polish and 11 Ukrainian Covenant signatories in the relevant languages. This exhibition was developed within the framework of the project entitled “Two countries – one energy-saving programme” implemented by PNEC in 2010. In 2012 it was expanded by adding next 16 banners illustrating achievements of new Polish CoM signatories which were co-financed by NFP&WM. The exibition can be visited on PNEC web
Signatories involved: Bielawa, Bielsko-Bia?a, Bydgoszcz, Chorzele, Cz?stochowa, D?browa Górnicza, Dzier?oniów, E?k, Gdynia, Gniewino, Jasienica, Kolbuszowa, Ko?cierzyna, Laszki, ?ubianka, Niepo?omice, Piaseczno, Przemy?l, Raciechowice, Stare Juchy, Szczyrk, Ustka, Warszawa, Wi


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Solar energy used in the rural municipality of Lubin (PL) en
“Green roofs” and „living walls” used by Polish municipalities towards improving energy efficiency of the buildings, conserving energy and protecting the climate. en
GOOD ENERGY Poster Exhibition en
Make use of "GOOD ENERGY" en
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