Illustration I Sostenitori del Patto

I Sostenitori del Patto possono essere definiti come organizzazioni senza scopo di lucro (associazioni di enti locali e regionali, reti, agenzie tematiche, ...) capaci di promuovere il Patto dei Sindaci e di mobilitare e supportare i propri membri e/o gli enti locali per raggiungere gli obiettivi stabiliti.

Essi intraprendono azioni sul proprio territorio e nelle aree di propria competenza (per esempio energia, ambiente, acqua, aria) e a livelli differenti di governance (per esempio Europeo, nazionale, e regionale/locale) per promuovere il Patto dei Sindaci e sostenere gli impegni dei firmatari. I Sostenitori del Patto, avendo una conoscenza approfondita del quadro regolamentare, legislativo e finanziario in cui operano - a livello locale, regionale, nazionale o europeo - sono nella posizione ideale per fornire consulenza mirata ai firmatari e per realizzare sinergie con le iniziative esistenti.

Climate Alliance


Presidents of Climate Alliance (City of Rostock and City of Ghent):Holger Matthäus & Tine Heyse
Nazionalità: Germany


Main contact: Svenja Schuchmann
Posizione lavorativa: Project officer
Telefono: +49-69-71713927


Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest Peoples is the largest European network of local and regional authorities dedicated to climate protection. Climate Alliance represents more than 1,700 local authorities in 26 European countries. When becoming a member of Climate Alliance, cities and municipalities commit to the ambitious target to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10 % every 5 years and to halve them by 2030 (baseline year 1990). Climate Alliance has developed a comprehensive approach to support local authorities in their climate protection and adaptation efforts. Simple and pragmatic tools and methods are available from the initial decision to become active in climate mitigation and/or adaptation right up to the monitoring of the progress. As a Covenant supporter, Climate Alliance promotes the adhesion to the Covenant among its members and provides dedicated tools and methods that help signatories to set up and implement their action plans as well as ready-made campaigns for the involvement of citizens and stakeholders. Furthermore, Climate Alliance organises dedicated exchange of experience and promotes actions and achievements of its members as a source of inspiration for other cities.

Signatories Supported

Signatories Popolazione Adesione Status
Bleiburg, AT3,91216 gen 2012Adesione
Bregenz, AT27,95012 apr 2011Monitoring started
Lassee, AT3,50011 lug 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Laxenburg, AT2,73623 set 2008Monitoring started
Munderfing, AT2,68222 set 2008Adesione
Wolfurt, AT8,07520 ott 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Banja Luka, BA250,00030 gen 2009Monitoring started
Gent, BE247,00010 feb 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Hasselt, BE75,99111 dic 2008Monitoring started
Zoersel, BE21,79627 set 2016Adesione
Zwijndrecht, BE18,94125 set 2014Monitoring started
Zürich, CH390,082 1 ott 2008Monitoring started
Aachen, DE244,509 6 gen 2009Monitoring started
Altötting, DE13,00014 gen 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Berlin, DE3,439,13220 lug 2010Monitoring started
Bielefeld, DE325,00019 giu 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Böblingen, DE50,922 4 mar 2015Adesione
Bonn, DE317,00025 mar 2009Monitoring started
Bremen, DE546,45116 dic 2008Monitoring started
Dormagen, DE63,09723 mar 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Dortmund, DE580,95614 gen 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Dresden, DE548,80024 giu 2016Piani d’azione presentati
Düsseldorf, DE597,102 8 giu 2010Monitoring started
Eggenfelden, DE13,961 5 mag 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Erlangen, DE104,98029 lug 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Essen, DE573,115 8 dic 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Esslingen am Neckar, DE91,86913 dic 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Frankfurt am Main, DE670,00011 dic 2008Monitoring started
Freiburg, DE220,00017 ott 2008Monitoring started
Friedrichshafen, DE58,06813 lug 2011Piani d’azione presentati
Fürstenfeldbruck, DE35,588 7 lug 2009Monitoring started
Hagen, DE186,00015 dic 2011Piani d’azione presentati
Hamburg, DE1,814,597 9 dic 2008Monitoring started
Hanau, DE88,18215 dic 2008Adesione
Hannover, DE520,00012 dic 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Heidelberg, DE144,94829 lug 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Herten, DE63,00029 set 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Iserlohn, DE95,83417 feb 2009Adesione
Kaiserslautern, DE98,79026 gen 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Karlsruhe, DE304,619 2 mar 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Koeln, DE1,019,30025 set 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Landeshauptstadt Kiel, DE235,00015 mag 2008Adesione
Ludwigsburg, DE86,79328 mar 2012Piani d’azione presentati
Ludwigshafen am Rhein, DE164,351 9 mag 2011Piani d’azione presentati
Mainz, DE210,000 5 mag 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Mülheim an der Ruhr, DE171,884 7 lug 2016Adesione
München, DE1,464,96210 feb 2009Monitoring started
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, DE39,24611 dic 2008Monitoring started
Nürnberg, DE503,26322 ott 2008Monitoring started
Offenbach am Main, DE124,849 9 nov 2011Piani d’azione presentati
Rheinberg, DE32,14520 feb 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Rheine, DE76,546 9 dic 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Rostock, DE201,096 4 dic 2009Monitoring started
Stuttgart, DE593,84915 gen 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Walldorf, DE14,82420 lug 2010Adesione
Wiesloch, DE25,89724 mar 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Willich, DE52,87224 mar 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Worms, DE82,04027 gen 2010Monitoring started
Albertslund, DK27,00023 set 2009Piani d’azione presentati
NANTES METROPOLE, FR600,00017 ott 2008Monitoring started
Oxford, GB150,20029 set 2014Piani d’azione presentati
Batumi, GE170,00015 lug 2011Piani d’azione presentati
Križevci, HR11,54112 lug 2011Monitoring started
Nagykanizsa, HU49,65223 feb 2012Piani d’azione presentati
Ancona, IT100,50726 mag 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Bolzano/Bozen, IT102,88013 gen 2009Monitoring started
Busto Garolfo, IT13,49411 mar 2010Monitoring started
Castellalto, IT7,45813 apr 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Cervara di Roma, IT49011 mar 2011Adesione
Città di Castello, IT40,51025 gen 2010Monitoring started
Formigine, IT34,44529 ott 2009Monitoring started
Isera, IT2,601 9 mar 2010Monitoring started
Jesi, IT40,87117 dic 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Lodi, IT44,60019 nov 2008Monitoring started
Modena, IT183,11414 gen 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Pescara, IT123,00710 feb 2011Monitoring started
Pietracamela, IT298 1 apr 2010Piani d’azione presentati
Beckerich, LU2,22930 dic 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Luxembourg, LU100,00010 dic 2012Adesione
Remich, LU3,470 9 ott 2015Adesione
The Hague, NL482,51025 nov 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Cascais, PT188,24420 dic 2008Piani d’azione presentati
Tirgu-Mures, RO144,80616 dic 2010Monitoring started
Eskilstuna, SE60,185 8 ott 2009Piani d’azione presentati
Jokkmokk, SE5,21012 ott 2009Monitoring started
Dolyna, UA20,69612 gen 2009Monitoring started
Myrhorod, UA41,30021 set 2012Piani d’azione presentati
Sambir, UA35,05427 nov 2012Piani d’azione presentati

Esempi di eccellenza

The Climate Alliance Carbon Calculator for Ukrainian and Georgian municipalities
Category: Methods and tools
Description: The growing interest and commitment of Ukrainian and Georgian local authorities in the context of the Covenant of Mayors initiative led Climate Alliance to develop specific tools to support them in the calculation of CO2 emissions. The tool was developed in Microsoft Excel, a software spreadsheet which is widely available in public administration in Ukraine and Georgia. The tool adopts a standardised methodology, ensuring that your emission inventories are consistent along time. Municipalities using the same tool can easily compare their values against each other. Finally, the tool respects the Covenant of Mayors methodological requirements and all the data required to compile a Baseline Emissions Inventory can be directly exported from the tool to the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) document in table and graphical formats. The Climate Alliance Carbon Calculator tool includes a database of national energy, economic and demographic data that can be used to derive local energy data. This means that in the absence of local energy data for certain sectors, the tool scales energy consumption data from the national level to the municipal level by using a scaling variable, i.e. an indicator that is both available at national and municipal levels. For instance, for the residential sector, the scaling variable is the number of inhabitants, while the number of employees (workforce) is used to estimate the energy consumption in the services, industry and agriculture sector. The tool includes data from 2000 to 2010. It also offers an extrapolation function, which allows local authorities to extrapolate their data for the years that they do not have data available. CO2 emissions are calculated by using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) default emission factors which take into account the impacts of the entire energy supply chain. The tool is available for all municipalities in Ukraine and Georgia, in English and in Russian. Climate Alliance members can use the tool for free.


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Climate Alliance Working Group on Adaptation en
The Climate Alliance Carbon Calculator for Ukrainian and Georgian municipalities en
Coaching Municipal Climate Protection en
"Climate Protection in Municipalities" guidelines en
Climate Cities Benchmarking System en
Climate Alliance Working Group on Financing en
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