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The fight against climate change will be won or lost in urban areas. A vast majority of the European population lives and works in cities, consuming an estimated 80% of the energy used in the EU. Local administrations, as the closest government level to citizens are ideally placed to address climate issues in a comprehensive manner. More and more cities are thus deciding to take up the challenge, as shown by the growing number of Covenant of Mayors signatories.

Signatories represent cities that vary in size from small villages to major metropolitan areas such as London or Paris. Within a year following their signature, Covenant signatories commit to implement Sustainable Energy Action Plans on their territory, with the aim of cutting CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020.

The list of cities that have signed up to the Covenant may be found below.


2020 CO2 target


Mayor (or equivalent): Santiago Macias
Population: 16,411 inhabitants

Covenant status

Date of adhesion: 29 January 2009
Status 3


Main contact: Maria Mendes
Position: Project Department Manager
Phone: +351 285250400

Covenant Supporters

Covenant Supporters Countries Signatories
Associação Nacional de Municípios PortuguesesPortugal30


Experimenta Energia
Sector: Others
Implementation timeframe: 2013 - 2020
Area of intervention: Other
Policy instrument: Awareness raising / training
Responsible body: Logica, EM
CO2 reduction :
2 t CO2 eq./a
Implementation cost (€):
150000 €
Jobs created:

Description: Integrated action for dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge with social and technological approach. It starts from the principle of universality of knowledge, through involvement of local communities tools, teacher and students training and awareness of public and private actors to the importance of innovation and technological development and R&D projects, about local energy potential. It is aimed at three target groups: students (all levels of education) with programs tailored to specific ages and levels of knowledge; primary school teachers, secondary and vocational and other educators: the community at large, in a direct and insightful approach to energy, with a special focus on solar energy. The activities are based on a cross-factor: experimentation, as a potential demonstration, use and easy perception, using models and monitoring systems and data logging.
Financing sources: Local Authority’s own resources, National Funds & Programmes, Other

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Benchmarks Date Language
Experimenta Energia 2 Dec 2014 pt
Edifício Zero Emissões 2 Dec 2014 pt
Fundo de Apoio à Microgeração 2 Dec 2014 pt
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