Il Patto dei Sindaci è il principale movimento europeo che vede coinvolte le autorità locali e regionali impegnate ad aumentare l’efficienza energetica e l’utilizzo di fonti energetiche rinnovabili nei loro territori. Attraverso il loro impegno i firmatari del Patto intendono raggiungere e superare l’obiettivo europeo di riduzione del 20% delle emissioni di CO2 entro il 2020.

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Vitali Klitschko: from the ring to the Covenant of Mayors
27 febbraio 2015 - 15:15
Mayor of Kiev since May 2014, former boxing champion, Vitali Klitschko aims to turn the capital of Ukraine into a modern European city...
EEFIG report identifies ways to drive more finance for energy efficiency investments
26 febbraio 2015 - 16:46
Today, the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) co-convened by the European Commission and UNEP Finance Initiative launched its final report on the occasion of the Heating and Cooling Conference....
Improving street lighting energy efficiency: Guidance for municipalities and ESCOs
20 febbraio 2015 - 12:29
Street lighting can account for up to 30-50% of the total electricity consumption of municipalities. The recent market introduction of LED technology for street lighting offers high savings with comparatively short pay-back times...
Chamonix (France): What's the plan for the Alpine Town of the Year 2015?
18 febbraio 2015 - 17:31
The small city of Chamonix, France, was nominated "Alpine Town of the Year 2015", by the way becoming a member of the Alpine Town of the Year Association....
Covenant of Mayors Community â Welcome to Academia!
16 febbraio 2015 - 17:10
Willing to make the academic sector a part of the community, the Covenant of Mayors Office has created an Academia corner on the website, with the aim to bring students, researchers and scientists closer to the signatory cities and to better share research results....
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Con il sostegno politico della Commissione europea - DG Energia Con il sostegno politico della Commissione europea - DG Energia. Sito web coordinato dall'Ufficio del Patto.
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