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Covenant of Mayors videos 2011 (Abruzzo Region, Bielsko-Biala, Frankfurt, Malmö)

Europe's carbon cutting revolution!

Covenant of Mayors videos 2011.

This video was shown during the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony 2011 as an introductory video.

Amazing work is being done by cities right across Europe to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and improve energy efficiency.

This film introduces a few projects in: Bielsko-Biala (Poland), Frankfurt (Germany), Malmo (Sweden), and the Abruzzo Region (Italy).

The film also features interviews with citizens across Europe answering the question of what they will do to protect the environment when they become the president of Europe. People everywhere understand the issue of climate change and understand what needs to be done to reduce Europe's contribution to the problem. The message is clear - let's just get on with it!

Director: Christian Vassie
Drink Me Productions © 2011

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  2. Directed by Christian Vassie
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