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Covenant of Mayors videos 2011 (Abruzzo Region, Bielsko-Biala, Frankfurt, Malmö)

Bielsko-Biala - green energy revolution

Director: Christian Vassie

Drink Me Productions © 2011

Bielsko-Biala (PL)  is busy ensuring school children learn about energy efficiency, and saving a fortune with the new solar hot water system installed at its outdoor swimming pool that sees an average of 1000 visitors a day during the summer season. 

Bielsko-Biala is one of over 3000 municipality signatories to the Covenant of Mayors. All signatories commit to reducing carbon by at least 20% by 2020. Initiatives like this one in Bielsko-Biala are contributing to savings of many tens of millions of megawatt hours of energy across EU member states. 

The video starts with two educational initiatives that show how awareness is being raised across the city.

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  1. Produced in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors initiative
  2. Directed by Christian Vassie
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