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Covenant of Mayors in post-Soviet countries: Why and how?
Covenant of Mayors in post-Soviet countries: Why and how?
1 October 2012 - 14:47

With the financial support of the European Commission Directorate General for Cooperation and Development, a new branch of the Covenant of Mayors Office (CoMO) opened a few months ago to support cities from Central Asia and the Eastern Partnership region in setting up sustainable energy policies. This new branch of the CoMO, often referred to as “CoMO EAST”, is tasked with assisting these local and regional authorities from post-Soviet countries to adopt the Covenant of Mayors approach of bottom-up and participative sustainable energy management. This should enable significant progress in a region where energy-saving issues are not always high on the political agenda, civic engagement is less common and local authorities often lack the capacities and expertise to efficiently implement sustainable energy strategies.

A new version of the Covenant of Mayors website has thus been published in Russian to better cater to the needs of signatories from this region.

The Covenant of Mayors Office East is managed by a consortium led by Energy Cities and composed of Climate Alliance, the Association of Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine (EECU), NL Agency and CAREC, the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia. 

For more information read Energy Cities analysis here 

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