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Albertslund and Nantes featured in two videos about sustainable energy
Albertslund and Nantes featured in two videos about sustainable energy
12 November 2012 - 16:50

The Covenant of Mayors Office recently visited Albertslund (Denmark) and Nantes (France) to shoot two videos about sustainable urban energy projects. The videos highlight some best practices developed in the framework of the SEAP in the fields of mobility, buildings, lighting, cooperation with the private sector and citizens’ involvement.17km from Copenhagen, Albertslund is a cutting-edge Danish eco-city. Since April 2012, Albertslund is connected to Copenhagen with the "C99 cycle super highway", a fast biking alternative for commuters to get to the capital's city centre. Albertslund is also committed to refurbishing its outdated building stock with prefabricated solutions developed under a partnership established between the municipality and private companies, the so-called “Albertslund Concept”. In addition, the city is working on new LED lamps which will replace the existing outdoor lighting system. The new lamps will be intelligent points in the smart grid, with local traffic information, WIFI and charging stations for electric cars. Under the Covenant of Mayors, Albertslund aims at voluntarily reducing its CO2 emissions in 32% by 2020. Have a look at the video here.

Nantes is France’s sixth largest city and presents the third highest proportion of public transport users in the country. An impressive 95% of the population lives within a 300-metre radius of a public transport stop. Given that transport accounted for 29% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the agglomeration, sustainable mobility was one of the priority actions in the development of the SEAP.  Mayor Patrick Rimbert believes that “beyond the environmental challenge, mobility also encompasses social cohesion issues”. To be more inclusive, the public transport network was built around the city suburbs. To get to know more about Nantes' public transport options, click here.

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