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Covenant of Mayors e-learning course now available in five languages!
Covenant of Mayors e-learning course now available in five languages!
25 January 2013 - 13:00

The Covenant of Mayors Office has just published four new language versions of its online learning system, now also available in German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Conducting a baseline emission inventory, developing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and finding the appropriate funding means to implement foreseen measures is no easy task. To comply with such ambitious commitments, Covenant of Mayors Signatories require guidance which – on top of the SEAP guidelines and other technical documents –is now available in five languages in this user-friendly, interactive format.

Learning at their own rhythm, going through seven interactive modules that can each be completed in about 20 minutes, signatory local authorities can browse through concrete examples presented in the form of videos and case studies and take self-assessment questions.

Access to this learning platform is restricted to Covenant Signatories and Coordinators, who can visit it through the “My Covenant” Extranet system, using their login information and then clicking on the “E-learning” link on the right-hand side of the page.

More languages are soon to follow, thanks to the voluntary contribution of active supporters.

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