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Italyâs best sustainable energy action plans: Not too late to participate!
Italy’s best sustainable energy action plans: Not too late to participate!
21 February 2013 - 17:22

The second edition of the award of excellence for Italian Sustainable Energy Action Plans, A+CoM, is still open to applications.

This award, launched by Climate Alliance Italy, the Kyoto Club and the national club of the Covenant of Mayors (NET-COM project), aims at rewarding the best SEAPs submitted by Italian Covenant Signatories in 2012.

Four A+CoM awards will be attributed to plans that are expected to prove decisive in guiding the local governments (and stakeholders) towards their energy-climate goals. More than 1,000 Italian cities and towns are currently developing their SEAPs and after a successful  launch in 2012, A+CoM wishes to carry on honouring the best plans of the year.

This competition is based on the idea that a well-prepared and cohesive Sustainable Energy Action Plan gives a sound basis for moving forward in the energy transition process. Giacomo Parenti, in charge of the Covenant of Mayors for the 2012 -A+CoM-winner  city of Florence, said: “We are constantly monitoring the impact of our actions. Six months after the SEAP was accepted, we have already got significant results as regards CO2 reduction, in particular in the transport sector thanks to a new centralised traffic management.

Candidates can apply until 8 March 2013. The award regulations and application form can be downloaded here.    

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