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Sustainable energy map going from city-scale to street level
Sustainable energy map going from city-scale to street level
7 September 2013 - 15:22

Imagine a map, used at European level, which allows you to zoom in to your neighbourhood and check out the renewable energy installations and energy efficiency projects nearby, all just a few clicks away.

This is now exists in the form of the “Repowermap”, supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme since 2012 and used in various Covenant signatory cities. Through this new tool, anyone – from cities to citizens, associations and private bodies – can add their sustainable energy project as well as upcoming event to the map, and provide a short introduction of their activities.

This presents an opportunity to quickly visualize local sustainable energy commitments taken all across Europe, thus providing more visibility to such practices, climate-friendly technologies and local providers.

In addition, signatory cities can easily display this map on their own website thanks to embedding features. By way of example, see how it looks like on the website of Covenant of Mayors Supporter Climate Alliance.

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