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Covenant supporting association brings cities on the radar of the European Commission
Covenant supporting association brings cities on the radar of the European Commission
14 October 2013 - 11:27

Energy Cities, a European association representing local authorities in energy transition, has taken the original approach of emulating the European Commission by itself publishing a “Communication”- as are called the official policy documents – highlighting the necessary empowerment of local and regional authorities in order to reach the EU climate and energy objectives, especially in the context of the ongoing 2030 Framework discussions.

As a Covenant of Mayors supporting association, Energy Cities firmly emphasizes the contribution of local commitments and actions to deliver the EU 20-20-20 ambitions. According to the association, "mayors are the real game changers". “Macro-decisions alone will not be sufficient to drive the energy transition. They need to be complemented by concrete, hands-on solutions which are being developed at the micro-level: cities and towns hold a considerable but untapped potential for the deployment of both renewable energy and energy savings and are crucial contributors in bridging the gap between the 2020 EU climate and energy objectives and 2050 goals”, said Gérard Magnin, Executive Director of Energy Cities.  As a next step, Energy Cities has also launched a public consultation on the Communication to collect the opinions of all interested stakeholders.

Lobbying activities in favour of Covenant signatory cities is a key role of Covenant supporting associations, the list of which can be viewed >>here. To gain a more thorough understanding of the activities undertaken by Covenant Supporters and Coordinators, also visit the interview section. 

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