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EU project supports energy data collection in 74 cities
EU project supports energy data collection in 74 cities
28 January 2014 - 17:07

The IEE-funded project Meshartility is helping 74 municipalities across 12 European countries to collect relevant energy data for the development of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

Accessing detailed data on energy production and consumption in their territory is a crucial first step for Covenant signatories to identify which are the sectors where the energy transition efforts should be concentrated. Municipalities however still face many challenges in this respect: collecting data in the appropriate format (aggregated by sector, yet disaggregated enough to also understand user groups’ energy behavior); getting utilities and energy providers to agree to share these figures despite concerns over data protection, fear of competition, etc.

In light of this, a series of roundtables, at national and European level have been organized over the fast few months by the Meshartility project partners and more are yet to take place in all 12 involved countries. The aim of these workshops was notably to elaborate local co-operation agreements that will be signed between local authorities and energy utilities, as well as with other stakeholders capable of providing energy data (building associations, ESCOs, etc.). Attendees include local authorities, energy utilities, national regulators, ministries, national statistical organizations and other entities influencing or involved in the energy data collection and sharing processes.

Within the first year after the finalization of the SEAP each of the targeted 74 municipalities will select and implement at least two of the actions foreseen in their plan. The summary of each of these actions – expected to lead to new investments and jobs - will be published in the best practices section of the Meshartility website. 

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