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CITyFiED Community of Interest: Testing and sharing smart solutions for future-proof cities
CITyFiED Community of Interest: Testing and sharing smart solutions for future-proof cities
30 April 2015 - 09:50

Achieving significant reductions in energy demand, green house gas emissions and incorporating renewable technologies at district and city level is a challenge. A new community of cities is implementing and testing solutions as part of the CITyFiED project. 

CITyFiED's three demonstration sites incorporate technologies and approaches to achieve innovative and efficient districts. These sites are located in the cities of Lund, Sweden, Laguna de Duero, Spain and Soma, Turkey.  Together they will achieve more than 70 kWh/m2yr of energy savings, a reduction of at least 13,000 tons in CO2 emissions through the retrofitting of 2,300 dwellings, with the overall objective of improving the quality of life of over 7,000 citizens.

The project has also developed a Community of Interest which is open to towns & cities, districts and relevant municipal housing and energy agencies from across the EU aiming at sharing experience. Through peer-to-peer exchange with the three demonstration sites and 11 replication cities, members of the Community of Interest will be able to learn more about the methodologies and procedures for planning, deploying and replicating energy efficient district retrofitting actions, heating solutions and integrated electricity generation.

Euken Sesé, general manager for the Covenant city of San Sebastian, enjoys exchanging within the Community of Interest on business models, management systems and district heating and sharing their systemic approach to energy efficiency.

In Tartu, an Estonian Covenant signatory-city, Executive Board Member Rene Tonnisson says: "With a strong set of experiences in district heating and cooling - that reach up to 90% penetration in some cases – and a range of electric mobility solutions already deployed, I am looking forward to a mutual transfer of knowledge and experience sharing between the CITyFIED partners".

Covenant of Mayors signatories Botkyra, Brussels, Florence, Izmir, Leicester, Ludwigsburg, Ludwigshafen, Malaga, Maltepe, Naples, Rovereto, Salerno, San Sebastian, Tartu, Udine and Valladolid are part of the project.

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