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500 Covenant cities have already tracked their progress in reducing CO2 emissions!
500 Covenant cities have already tracked their progress in reducing CO2 emissions!
25 September 2015 - 10:13

To date, 500 frontrunner cities have handled a monitoring report on their Covenant of Mayors activities.

When signing the Covenant, a city also commits to provide the Covenant of Mayors Office with a monitoring report, every two year after the day the Sustainable Energy Action Plan was submitted.

Covenant cities may opt for reporting only on the implementation status of their actions or for a full reporting in which they assess their current greenhouse gas emissions. The newly-released Quick reference guide on Monitoring provides information about signatories’ commitments and options for reporting on their progress.

Monitoring will allow cities to assess how they are progressing in terms of implementation of the measures foreseen in the SEAPs.  The monitoring report of the City of Colmar, France, shows that the city has achieved half of its reduction target for 2020. The city has been investing in improving the thermal performance of dwellings and offering a grant scheme to promote the use of bicycles. In the Swedish city of Växjö, fuel shift measures were at the core of the achieved emission reduction, a staggering 47% decrease in 2013. Collaboration with industry has helped Växjö reduce fossil oil consumption by 33%. In Portugal, the City of Vila Nova de Gaia is using electricity from biogas from their landfill and has invested in refurbishing social housing. Estonian capital city Tallinn, which is also half way to reach its CO2 reduction target for 2020, has been investing in the renovation of public buildings, such as schools and kindergartens. The greatest investment and reductions came from a newly-built combined heat and power plant using wood chips.

All the Monitoring reports submitted by Covenant cities will help showcase local action to global leaders in light of the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris!

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