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50000&1 SEAPS coaching scheme aims to help cities improve their energy policy
50000&1 SEAPS coaching scheme aims to help cities improve their energy policy
7 October 2015 - 13:54

Municipalities, regions, Covenant of Mayors Supporters & Coordinators, and public and private stakeholders are invited to take part in a coaching scheme run by 50000&1SEAPs project.

The coaching scheme, along with a tailor-made programme on integrating Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) according the ISO 50001 energy management standard, will help municipalities achieve high-quality energy policy and planning for the long-term.  Participants will be able to use tools and methodologies made available by the project, as well as receiving two days of training.

An open training session was already held during the EU Sustainable Energy Week on 15 June 2015 in Brussels, which aimed at supporting local and regional authorities interested in learning more on how EnMS and SEAPs can be integrated. The workshop focused on practical steps and exchange of best practice and tools by experienced actors. The presentations and materials presented at the training session can be viewed online.

The 50000&1SEAPs approach has a range of benefits, as it helps participants develop policies for more efficient-energy use, set targets and objectives to carry out these policies and identify corrective measures and potential improvements for SEAP planning. The project particularly encourages participation from new and Mediterranean member states in the coaching scheme.

For more information on the coaching scheme, please click here.

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